NFL Draft 2010: Detroit Lions Final Seven Round Mock

Oliver SethContributor IApril 18, 2010

Hello Lions fans, I'm writing my final mock draft of the year for the Detroit Lions and if you haven't read my first mock check it out below:

Now onto the final mock draft, over the past few weeks much has changed, but Detroit still has a few major needs such as, a running back, a corner, safety, and even a slot WR.

This mock will not include trade downs just for the unlikely scenario that Detroit decides to stay put at the selection, and no free agent signing's or trades after April 17, so if news come of trade, there will be a edit to the final.

But let's begin shall we?

To repeat, Detroit has a total of seven selections (2, 34, 66, 100, 213, 214, 255) in this years draft, and this is with no trades that likely will be made on Draft Day.

The best selections are again needed and will be addressed.

With the second selection in this year's NFL draft, the Detroit Lions Select Ndamukong Suh.

No surprise here, it has been weeks that Detroit has already been most draft experts selecting the DT out of Nebraska.

Suh took a major amount of time to get and hit expectations at Nebraska, and mid-way through his junior season, he accomplished that. he became a top-notch pass rusher with ideal height and length to affect passing lanes and wrap up quarterbacks, and along with that would be known for breaking through guard/center double teams creating an opening for fellow Lions on the d-line. Could very well become the next Albert Haynesworth or Richard Seymour. Same as last time folks, easily the best pick in this Draft for the first round.

On the second day of the NFL draft with the 34th selection the Detroit Lions select Devin McCourty CB out of Rutgers.

The Lions aren't veering off defense yet having select the corner from Rutgers who falls out of the late first round and the Lions waste no time passing in the card for this man.

McCourty has been able to trick the quarterback into throwing his direction in the college game, and closes in very quickly on the ball and receiver in front of him. He then is able to tackle solidly and can easily take away yards after the catch. And when the run comes his way, he rarely misses a beat and is able to attack even the most elusive runners(Adrian Peterson in Minnesota should be scared now)

That selection solidifies a much improved secondary and closes the need for a shutdown corner.

Later that day, Detroit with the 66th overall selection select Montario Hardesty out of the Tennessee program.

I admit it, I have a man crush on Hardesty, having studied this man for the past week along with fellow running back Ryan Mathews, and see much the same attributes.

While Mathews is certainly going in the first round unless by chance he falls, and that makes Detroit willing to select him.

But this is not that scenario, the Lions elect to take Hardesty in the third round due to two things, he is in the third round, and has the talent of a first rounder.

Why does Hardesty fall to the third? simple.

Possessing obvious talent of first but a troubling inability to remain healthy.

That will scare many teams.

But lets take the chance on the running back who ranked third in the league in rushing at 108.8 yards per game and scored 12 touchdowns and is tops among SEC backs. And that's only for 12 GAMES! Then his season total of 1,308 rushing yards is fifth-best total in school history and 156 yards shy of the school record.

The Mayhew crew take another steal.

Finally we enter the last day of the NFL draft, and having the first two days go by Detroit fills three needs on the defensive line and secondary and a future star running back in Hardesty. But we're not done yet.

With the 100th selection in this year's NFL Draft the Detroit Lions select Defensive End Brandon Lang out of the University of Troy.

A pass rusher?

Didn't we just select Suh, let me explain.

The Lions do indeed have Corey Williams and Kyle VandenBosch, but lets go over Lang's profile.

Lang was once a highly touted prospect who was actually once a Bulldog of Georgia, but with academic problems transferred to Troy and sat out the 2005 season. And since has developed into one of the most feared pass rushers in the NCAA. But then a torn ACL in 2008 limited him to three starts. And then in 2009 was able to produce 73 tackles(12.5 for a loss) and 8.5 sacks, and that's off being double-teamed almost the entire game. Has had a comparison to DeMarcus Ware, imagine having a Ware and Haynesworth(Suh) on the roster could anyone say hello to one of the most feared pass rushing lines in the league.

Also Lang is a natural pass rusher with a feel for lanes, has a good hand technique and a high football IQ.

Something Detroit would need to address and having Kyle could allow Lang to develop over the next few year's becoming the heir to the thrown you may call it.

After that somewhat surprising 100th selection in the fourth, Detroit has to wait til the seventh round before seeing more action.

And a few hours roll on by, and the games begin with the 213th selection in this year's NFL Draft the Detroit Lions select Safety Robert Johnson of out Utah.

This promising young talent has been worked out by division foe, Chicago Bears and Detroit takes him off the board in the early seventh. Johnson has the speed to fly downhill and attack any and all ball carriers, but needs to work on tracking the ball.But Johnson also has the capability to make up for it in deep routes able to catch up to the ball and defend. He is aggressive on the line as well able to up the ball carrier in space. But some say lacks the strength to block in the box.

Detroit finds a new mate for Delmas here and his name is Johnson.

Then with 214th selection in this year's NFL Draft the Detroit Lions select Rashawn Jackson Fullback out Virginia.

Has anybody else missed Cory Schlesinger on Detroit, I know I have, Rashawn is this years best run blocking FB in the draft, and former Linebacker will indeed be to me the next coming of Cory for the Lions, with the failed Jerome Felton experiment, I see Detroit addressing the need for FB with this selection of Rashawn. The same exact words in my first mock.

And lastly with the 255th selection in the this year's NFL Draft and Mr. Irrelevant the Detroit Lions select Freddie Barnes the Wide Receiver from Bowling Green.

Barnes was my 213th selection in the Draft and now having him fall to the last pick in the Draft, the Lions are able keep the train going and having one of the best drafts.

The Detroit Lions showed up at Barnes' Pro Day, showing that they do have interest in the receiver who caught 155 balls this season, leading all of the NCAA, the only flaw I have seen in film, is him being unable to block down the field to help runners, beyond that, his hands are one of the best if not the best in this years draft, and is a small school player, and still needs a few years to develop. And on top of that he wasn't even given the chance at the NFL combine, not being invited to attend but Detroit, I think will take a chance on this guy and they wont regret it. Another copy from the first mock.

Having him as the last pick opens up a developmental area for him, and maybe having a future Brandon Marshall alongside Megatron isn't that bad of an idea.

That concludes my Mock, and hope you enjoyed the read.


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