Reasons Why WWE Don´t Change

Esli Augusto Silva de SouzaContributor IApril 18, 2010

Well the title says all.

I was in my grandmother´s house today and I realize why WWE don´t change.

First of all, we have to look to their side. They continue to draw ratings, make money, so why they would change ?

The Kid-Friendly style makes money. Why ? Let´s answer that with a dialogue:

- Dad, buy me a John Cena shirt ?

- Who ?

- The guy from WWE.

- OK. Why you don´t buy a F*ck Fear shirt from Stone Cold ?

- Dad, you said F*ck. And who is Stone Cold ?

- The guy who whoop some asses

- You said asses.

- So, buy a Austin 3:16 shirt.

- What ?

- Yeah he says that.

- What ?

- You´re catching the spirit.

- What spirit ?

- Attitude Era spirit

- What a hell is that ?

- What ? You don´t know what attitude era is ? Who kinda of WWE fan are you?

If you smell what The Rock is cookin ? Give me hell yeah? No ?

- Dad just buy me the damn shirt

- Alright.


Did you catch the spirit ?


But the biggest reason why WWE don´t change is because:


They don´t have a direct competitor.

Now you understand the WCW Nitro picture.

Well before kill me think:


WWE was with the New Generation era. New faces and etc. But WCW was with Hogan. Big deal they still behind WWE. But then come the best 2nd best stable ever for me (1st is The Four Horseman) and make Nitro still 84 consecutive weeks in the lead of the ratings. WWE was in a downfall.

But then comes the guy that made wrestling today what it is. No, not Stone Cold.

Vincent Kenneth McMahon.


Then WCW falls.

But why they changed ?

The competitor.

When you are losing something ( principally ratings) you need to change. To a better thing. They changed. To something that we cannot describe.

But today who should be that competitor ?

Sure, TNA.

So why WWE don´t change ?

TNA today is not a threat to the WWE. Like WCW was in 1989.

TNA just make 0.98 ratings because they have the Knockouts.

In the rest they are not better then WWE.


They put 2, two hundred years guys  in the main event. They even can walk without doin a botch. They were great, but now they are not.

In 7,8 years maybe TNA became some threat to te WWE, but until that we gonna still have to watch Hell In Cell matches without blood, no chair shots and watch 30 Divas Babe Baywatch Tag matches.

And WWE needs something that was the basic for Attitude Era work:

A "Good guy" and a bad guy.

Why they cheer Orton ?


Why 70% (The kids) cheer John Cena and the others boo him ?


Randy kinda remember Austin (What ?).

You can see that the cheers began when he was feuding with HHH.

Kicking the boss ass. Shane and Vince. Stephanie he just kissed (Lucky bastard) and gave a DDT.

So for the next 7 or 8 years we gonna still seeing this same WWE (Please God no) until some other promotion beat WWE for 84 weeks (What ?).


Who agree with this article give me a HELL YEAH.

If you not agree I want to see why you think this article is not right.




You should know your role and shut your mouth, take a little walk down, Know Your Role Boulevard, hang that right on Jabroni Drive, and then proceed to check your Aunt Jemima-no-pancake-having-ass directly into the SmackDown Hotel!


Thanks for reading.


I really catched that spirit.






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