Hawkeytown? Here's 5 Reasons Why

Jeff HicksCorrespondent IApril 17, 2010

CHICAGO - APRIL 11: (R-L) Patrick Sharp #10, Jonathan Toews #19 and Dustin Byfuglien #33 of the Chicago Blackhawks receive congratulations from teammates after a first-period goal against the Detroit Red Wings at the United Center on April 11, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Chicago continues to be one of the richest and emotionally charged sports cities in the world. With not a lot of championships to show compared to other historical cities, the debate in the Windy City has been which team is king? You could say it's the Cubs and their national appeal, the recent champs on the Southside, or the Bears, the one team Chicago fans can agree on to share as their own. With consistent inconsistency in all the major sports (baseball, football, and basketball), the overshadowed sport and team has taken over the city and hearts of Chicagoans-the Blackhawks.

The house that Jordan built harbors arguably the most exciting team in the NHL, and is giving the city something to be excited about. But the head honcho in the city of broad shoulders? Yes. Don't believe me? These five reasons could have you see the light.


5. Legit championship run- Not only have the Blackhawks made the playoffs in back-to-back years, but they made a deep run once, and are poised to raise Lord Stanley's Cup. It's rare to see so many expect so much of a Chicago team, but as long as it isn't the Cubs, our teams have pulled through to be on top.

4. Marquee players- Each team has players that are the face of the franchise. Rose, Urlacher, Buerhle, and Soriano (for a lack of good reasons in Sori's case) are recognized for who they play for. The Hawks have two players, Patrick Kane and Jonathon Toews, who are, and will be the face of the team for many years to come. The case can be made for D-Rose as a staple for the future, but the Bulls are garbage and don't have reason #5 as an argument.

3. Coaching- Disagree if you want, but Joel Quenneville is easily the best coach on any side of town. Only one coach, Ozzie Guillen, has more championships as a head coach/manager-a big fat one-than Coach Q. Quenneville does have his name engraved as an assistant coach. Of all the city's coaches, Quenneville has the best chance of staying around, let alone past this season.

2. The future- Building for the future is almost as important as winning now in most front offices in sports. Of the five teams in Chicago, the Blackhawks are built to last with one of the deepest farm systems in hockey. Dale Tallon was a draft wizard before being reassigned within the franchise, and stocked up on legit talent. A good portion of the Rockford IceHogs could be in the pros right now if the Hawks were to cut payroll (which is inevitable). The same could be argued for a handful or two of Cubs, but that's it. The Sox cupboard is barren and the Bears haven't drafted well in recent years. Yes, they have been able to get a few good players, but for the most part they haven't kept guys they have drafted.

1. Tradition- Year in and year out, the Chicago Blackhawks are seen as a distinguished team that is revered in the hallow halls of the hockey Hall-of-Fame. Chicago sport's greatest strength is tradition, and each team gets their piece of the pie in their respective sports. The Hawks now have the opportunity to display their past, and show that the future will be another storied chapter in the great book of Blackhawk history. Add up reasons 2-5, and the Hawks tradition appears to be running as strong as ever.


Lots of arguments can be made, but the Chicago Blackhawks make the strongest case as the king of the greatest city on earth.