Where Will Sam Bradford End Up The Rams or The Browns?

Jake KurtzmanContributor IApril 18, 2010

1. St. Louis Rams- Sam Bradford, QB

            No matter what Bradford will be the number one pick of the draft I wouldn’t be surprised if his draft rights are traded to a team like the Browns or Seahawks.

2. Detroit Lions- Ndamukong Suh, DT

            In the NFL there are three things you need a Quarterback, be able to protect your Quarterback, and then you need to get to the opposing Quarterback.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Gerald McCoy, DT

            I could see Detroit drafting McCoy but no matter what Tampa takes either DT here.

4. Washington Redskins- Russell Okung, OL

            When Washington traded for McNabb it was set in stone that they would take a OL here. Trent Williams is a better fit in Shanahan’s zone offensive line scheme but Okung has more upside.

5. San Francisco 49ers- Trent Williams, OL

            The 49ers luck out here and acquire a great OL for only two first round picks but Williams will be able to protect the many Quarterbacks that will start for the 49ers this year.

6. Seattle Seahawk- Bryan Bulaga, OL

            The Seahawks could make a move for Bradford or they could take Eric Berry but according to Peter King the Seahawks absolutely adore Bulaga

7. Cleveland Browns- Eric Berry, S

            I wouldn’t be surprised if this pick is traded for one of two Quarterbacks either Sam Bradford they could swap picks with the Rams or this is a big IF they might take a stab at Quarterback that has two strikes with a division rival.

8. Oakland Raiders- Bruce Campbell, OL

            Lets face it as long as Al Davis is the owner of the Oakland Raiders they will take the fastest SOB at this position of need and Bruce Campbell ran a 4.85 40 at the combine

9. Buffalo Bills- Jimmy Clausen, QB

            New regime means new Quarterback there is no doubt that as long as he is on the board he will be a member of the Buffalo Bills next season.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars- Joe Haden, CB

            Lets just face it this position is a major need for the Jaguars they could trade down to a early second round pick to get Tim Tebow let’s face it the Jaguars owners are stupid and he just wants money in his pockets

11. Denver Broncos- Dez Bryant, WR

            Since they traded the best offensive weapon they need somebody that Brady Quinn and/or Kyle Orton.

12. Miami Dolphins- Dan Williams, DT

            This is a huge hole at in their defense so I would not be surprised if they take Williams.

13. Kansas City Chiefs- Maurkice Pouncey, C/G

            Even though the Chiefs and Niswanger signed a tender deal they still need improvement on their offensive line.

14. Seattle Seahawks- CJ Spiller, RB

            Since Shaun Alexander they have not been able to put together a run game at all this will take the pressure off of whoever the Quarterback is in Seattle.

15. New York Giants- Derrick Morgan, DE    

            There is so many 3-4 defense that Morgan could fall to this point.

16. Tennessee Titans- Jason Pierre-Paul, DE

            The Titans might take a Cornerback here since they play 2 great Quarterbacks in their division. But they need to fill a vacancy that Kyle Vandenbosch and Pierre-Paul is a great guy to take here.

17. Kansas City Chiefs- Rolando McClain, LB

            The Chiefs need to get two more Linebackers to become a decent run stopping team

18. Pittsburg Steelers- Kyle Wilson, CB

            Cornerback is a huge need for the Steelers.

19.  Atlanta Falcons- Brandon Graham, DE

            They drafted Perry last year and have Abraham on defense this is a lock pick for the falcons.

20. Houston Texans- Earl Thomas, S

            All the Texans want to do is to beat the Colts this is an improvement in their secondary.

 21. Cincinnati Bengals- Taylor Mays, S

            He could have been a top ten draft pick last year at least he saved his stock by running a 4.24 40 at the combine.

22. New England Patriots- Jermaine Gresham, TE  

            With no TE this is a no brainer this pick will also open up Randy Moss and Wes Welker.

23. Green Bay Packers- Charles Brown, OL

            The reason they didn’t play in the divisional round of the playoffs is because they have no pass protection.

24. Philadelphia Eagles- Mike Iupati, OL

            With a pocket passer they need to have a big offensive lineman to help them.

25. Baltimore Ravens- Jared Odrick, DE  

            The Ravens defense is getting old they need to get younger as fast as they can.

26. Arizona Cardinals- Sean Witherspoon, LB

            Losing Dansby hurt they need an improvement at the heart of their defense

27. Dallas Cowboys- Nate Allen, S

            Since they drafted Roy Williams they have been lack luster in the secondary.

28. San Diego Chargers- Ryan Matthews

            Since the cut Tomlinson I don’t think Darren Sproles can handle the the 25-30 carries a game.

29. New York Jets- Linval Joseph, DT

            I think they will get a deal done with Jason Taylor so there is a need at the DT position

30. Minnesota Vikings- Brian Price, DT

            Pat Williams won’t be around for long so there is no reason they shouldn’t take a DT here.

31. Indianapolis Colts- Sergio Kindle, DE/OLB

            I really don’t think that Session can handle the load that the Colts put on him.

32. New Orleans Saints- Carlos Dunlap, DE

            With Will Smith facing suspension they need a guy that can come in and play.




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