76ers Abandon Attempt to Acquire Kyle Korver and His Three Brothers

Jameson FlemingSenior Writer IJuly 15, 2008

* I used to run a website called CuseAdelphia which focused on Syracuse and Philadelphia sports. I thought I would import some of the stories I wrote a long time ago onto Bleacher Report that weren't really time sensitive. This is from January 23rd, 2008.*

Philadelphia-- The 76er's trade of Kyle Korver ended former General Manager Billy King's longtime goal of signing all four Korver brothers. The 76ers acquired Kyle Korver from the Nets who drafted him 51st overall in 2003 for an undisclosed amount of cash.

The 76ers traded Korver to the Jazz for a first round pick and Gordan Giricek. New Sixer's GM Ed Stefanski quickly cleaned up Billy King's mess by ending the 76ers quest to have all four Korver brothers play for the 76ers.

The 76ers had planned on going after two of Kyle's brothers who played each other last night in the Missouri Valley Conference. Kaleb Korver is a freshman guard for the Creighton Blue Jays. He's seeing a modest 12 minutes a game and averages 3.5 points.

"I saw him when he was a freshman back in high school in Pella, Iowa. He looked like he could turn into a lottery pick out of high school, but with the new age rules, he had to go to college. It seems like he might not pan out to be a superstar, but could become a solid role player," says the former GM Billy King.

The 76ers also fell in love with Kirk Korver, a senior at Pella High School who also has a sweet shot. The 76ers think he could have supplanted Kyle as the team's top three point shooter.

"I've never seen a guy shoot the rock like he can," says King, "He will be something special."

The final brother Klayton Korver is a senior three point threat for the Drake Bulldogs which had the 76ers willing to give up everything they had to trade up to the number pick and draft Klayton. Klayton has reached double digit points seven times this year which makes Billy King think he's a project 100% worth developing.

"Some guys come out of school raw despite having four years in college. It will be our job to work him into a better basketball player and into our rotation," says King.

When chairman Ed Snider saw a napkin that Billy King had written down a potential roster containing all four Korvers he fired King on the spot.

"I was getting tired of people thinking we had Ashton Kutcher on the team so the thought of having four players that looked like him was upsetting. I knew right then and there King had to go," says Snider, "I thought King was a great GM despite letting Allen Iverson go and letting the team struggle through one the worst stretches in team history. I hope King can continue his dream to have all four Korver's united under one roof somewhere else."

All quotes are fake. This story is completely fake.