What's Going To Happen Monday Night?

Tasha GriebelContributor IApril 17, 2010

Many internet wrestling sites are worried about the possibility that the superstars of raw may not make it back in time to do raw heres what is being said

"WWE spokesman Kevin Hennessy said it was unclear if everyone would arrive in time for Monday night's scheduled "WWE Raw" event at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, N.J. He said the WWE wrestlers and crew normally "fly commercial, but we are booking a charter just to be safe." Hennessy added that "Sunday is normally a simple travel day — very easy."

An excerpt from an article on F4WOnline.com -It was just described as a "minute by minute" situation regarding what is going to happen with television this week.



A worst case scenario was to tape shows in Europe, although I can't imagine the logistics of doing so. The crew from the U.S. like the McMahons, the announcers, writing team, producers (the ones who aren't on tour) etc. will have to get to whatever city, plus, you'd have to book a building like this minute, let everyone in free, somehow get word out at the last minute. It's a disaster.


The miz has also stated on his twitter account "Not lookin good. Of everything to stop us a volcano really? time will tell RT@mikethemiz yall gonna make it back for RAW?"

What do you guys think will happen this monday on Raw,with TNA going live this monday do you think it would be wise for the wwe to show a taped show?

from pwinsider.com The latest on flights being able to leave the UK, which of course will have an effect on tomorrow's Raw, is now 7 a.m. local time tomorrow and officials feel it probably won't be lifted then. Some experts are saying that it will be at least mid-week before flights resume.

WWE may have to start looking into alternate means to get the Raw wrestlers to a city south of the UK where flights aren't affected in order to get the wrestlers back to the US in time for the Extreme Rules PPV next Sunday

 ~Update~ Pwinsider is reporting the following:


Thanks to Craig Pattison for the following. ... It’s just been confirmed that the ban on UK airspace has now been extended until 7pm BST Monday. Looks like the Raw guys won’t make it. 

As we reported earlier, UK officials still don't know for sure when the ban will be lifted, with some experts are saying that it will be at least mid-week before flights resume.  Obviously, the volcano eruption in Icelandhas thrown all European air travel into a total mess. 



There are European countries south of the UK that are starting to run flights, but obviously many of them are overbooked.  WWE is going to have to pull a lot of strings and need a lot of luck if they are going to get Raw stars back to the U.S. for Raw.