Fear The Beard Baby, Junior Is Coming Back Full Steam Ahead:

Dottie travisCorrespondent IApril 17, 2010

there seems to be a little bounce in his step, and he definitly has his swagger back. with his teddy bear beard and a warm smile to go with it. I always feel comfortable when i see him its like seeing an old friend.whom i dearly love and care for.

trying hard to get over the memories of the abuse i suffered still holding onto  juniors picture of course it is tattered and barely hanging together. but it is my rock, my strength. since that all happened Grandmother passed away of renal failure, but i will never forget the day she walked into the hospital room with that magazine and that bueatiful sweet face on it.

of course then he was younger and clean shaven but i dont care dalejr is dalejr to me wether he has a beard or not. and if i had died that time i would of taken that book with me to the good lord and ask if  i could be juniors guardian angel not knowing shortly Big daddy Dale Sr. would be up.

but i survived thanks to junior, I take alot of pride in saying to everyone and to the world junior is the greatest man ever he helped me survive what might of taken me if not for his stunning blue eyes and strength.

now he is gonna race some place that has alot of warm memories for him at least i hope they are. the track where he got his first winston cup win, and daddy met him in victory lane. i know he proably will miss that strength that he got from his dad, i am here to give some of the strength he gave me at my darkest time.

I know the car was fast friday at qualifying, so far because of RAIN no one is racing. if not on sunday more then likely Monday dosnt matter i would follow junior to the ends of the earth.

I like the new improved junior beard and all. he is handsome to me no matter what. I wrote this last night:

 Dear Dale:

   Sometimes it hurts to be winless, Sometimes it hurts to be alone, Sometimes it hurts to be famous and at times you'd rather be home, But I Love you dearly Dale jr. no matter how you do you'll always be my hero and i am standing strong for you!!!

god bless you dale your in my heart 4-ever  Dottie

I feel blessed I survived now i fight for the ones who can't or the ones who didnt survive adults and children alike