Everyones Hoping and Wishing: My Predictions For This Years Playoffs

Hayden KimCorrespondent IIIApril 17, 2010

"Where Will Amazing Happen This Year?"

That was the question of last years playoffs and is the same for this years. This years playoffs is filled with hopes and dreams. One of them being Lebron's quest for his first ring. Another being, Kobe's hopes of repeating and winning his fifth ring while he is still on top.

Many teams are banged up with injuries. The Portland Blazer's recently lost Brandon Roy, their leader and top scorer to a right knee injury he had been suffering from. The Utah Jazz's Andre Kirelenko has been in and out. The Milwaukee Buck's lost Andrew Bogut to a hard and painful elbow injury. I mean the list goes on and so does the playoffs. The playoffs test each and every team to the limit and those who aren't ready will go home....."Go Big Or Go Home" as people say it.

It seems to me that this years playoffs will be another preditcable one. From the West it seems as though the Laker's will be back to the finals and from the East the Cavilier's seem to have never slown down and they have no intention of coming short this year. This year in my opinion is the deciding factor for Lebron James, he either proves to the world that he in fact is the best player in the NBA, or he proves himself and everyone in the world that he is not ready to take over the game of basketball.

On the other hand Kobe is slowly starting to go over the hill and this year may be one of the few of his last good years he has left. No one in the league will argue that Kobe is still as hungry for another ring as anyone else. He is the hardest working player in the NBA and in my opinion this Laker team will repeat this year in a 7 game series with the Cavilier's.

I realize that the Cavilier's have the best record, that Lebron had another MVP cailbur year, and that this Cavilier team is as hot as ever but none of that matters, the NBA Playoffs are here and the team that wants it more, who has the most experience, will take home the crown and that will be the Los Anglese Laker's. You might think that I'm crazy but Kobe is still in my opinion the best closer and leader in the NBA and that is what it takes to lead a very talented Laker team to the "Promise Land".

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