Is the Detroit Lions' Draft Smokescreen Increasing?

Oliver SethContributor IApril 17, 2010

Mayhew sure does know how to confuse the Lions public.

While he does always express the desire to trade down, he is also satisfied staying at the position.

And his draft plans could become more evident with releases today, but what about visits?

The Lions cut Pearson, Hobbs, and Witherspoon.

But they also visited with Lito Sheppard.

Now the question is, could they just be making room for free agents they can acquire at a low price, or draft high in the secondary?

To me that answer is simple. They'll do both.

Mayhew has the ability to do both, while being able to draft the secondary high, say in the second and third rounds, would be possible. I would see trading down as the path he takes.

Being able to bring in two or three free agents to help the depth as well.

One name that will stop me from considering a secondary as a high pick would be Oshiomogho Atogwe from St. Louis.

While he won't become unrestricted yet, he would be pursued endlessly by teams, and including the Lions he could be offered a very high salary.

And former head coach Scott Linehan could be a chip in negotiatons with him.

If he is signed, the secondary does still need addressing, but the need to draft them in the second day becomes less evident, and other needs, like running back, will become higher priority.

Speaking of running backs, now Detroit is rumored in negotiations for Dolphins RB Ronnie Brown and Buffalo RB Marshawn Lynch.

What does that do for drafting a RB high?

Could adding Ronnie or Marshawn also lessen the need for a RB?

Yes, it would. But of course, drafting a RB would still be something Mayhew would like to do. What if they decided to draft a RB on the first day?

Could players like Aaron Brown, Maurice Morris, or Kevin Smith be moved?

The answer to that is, yes.

Why can't we get a clear picture on what Mayhew wants to do?

That is because he doesn't want us to know, and that just makes me want to watch the Lions every waking moment. It could be a interesting next few days...