College Football's New Taunting Rule Clarification

David HedlindAnalyst IIApril 17, 2010


The NCAA set some new rules and it seems that there is quite a bit of confusion, or maybe no research into, at least one. The taunting rule.

Yes this will be a judgement call, but no more than holding or pass interference.

If a player scores on a play then it is a matter of timing on if this penalty is called and if score counts or not. Just like a holding call or block in the back.

If the player “taunts” while still in the field of play then a penalty can be called which would nullify the score.

No high stepping when no one is around you.

No holding the ball out in front of you or pointing at a player who can’t make the tackle from 15 yards away.

No diving summersaults into the end zone. Or diving for that matter, if no one is close.

Celebrating a touchdown after you have crossed the goal line will still result in a touchdown with a penalty that will be assessed on the point after or the ensuing kickoff.

People, please stop using Locker’s flip of the ball against BYU or AJ Green’s celebration against LSU as examples of how this new rule could change those games. In both cases the games would have played out the same with the new rules. The touchdowns counted then, they would count with the new rule.

I have no problem with the new rule. I say run the ball get to the end zone and act like you have been there before.