TNA Lockdown PPV: Previews and Predictions; World Title, Hogan/Flair

Siva PrasadCorrespondent IApril 17, 2010

This Sunday TNA’s all cage pay per view, Lockdown returns! On paper it looks to be a good show well worth watching, but let’s take a close look at the matches.

Note: ALL matches are inside a Steel Cage.

TNA World Championship : "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero vs. "The Phenomenal" A.J. Styles (c)

The former Elijah Burke has forced his way into TNA’s main event with a unique personality, huge charisma, and high-energy matches.

The Pope’s Congregation would have him as their World Champion this Sunday, but two months after the Pope won the opportunity to face AJ Styles, he has not received the kind of attention and hype that a potential World Champion would normally expect.

Firstly, he was injured (storyline-wise) and kept off TV for a bit. That was followed up with a recurrence of his previous feud with the equally talented (and equally marginalized) Desmond Wolfe.

It might well be a wise move to make Pope the champion right now. He remains viable threat to AJ’s title reign and at the very least, one would assume the spotlight would shine on the Pope if he were to capture the TNA title on Sunday.

Of course, TNA’s Achillies heel in recent times has been their willingness to place more focus on their stars of yesteryear as opposed to the wrestlers who ultimately will lead their company.

Knock AJ Styles’ charisma all you want, but there’s no doubt that the Phenomenal One has done all he can to be a worthy World Champion.

Styles has worked hard at improving his promos, and as a result you don’t hear crickets anymore when he speaks. He's learnt a trick or two from Ric Flair and allowed himself to act naturally cocky, as opposed to simply playing a low-rent version of the Nature Boy.

However, the decision to give the Hogan and Flair feud the bulk of the attention going into Lockdown has hurt Styles’ reign, and the fire from his heel turn has been well and truly extinguished.

This will be a great match. AJ Styles doesn’t know how to have a bad match, and the Pope adds tempo to the contest, even if it wasn’t needed.

Neither man has any real semblance of momentum going into Lockdown, which makes this tough to call.

I go with the Pope purely because that could inject some life into the main event scene, thus paving the way for someone like Desmond Wolfe to enter the title picture.

Winner: The Pope, D’Angelo Dinero

Lethal Lockdown : Team Hogan vs. Team Flair

Team Hogan (Abyss , Jeff Jarrett , Rob Van Dam, and Jeff Hardy ) vs. Team Flair (Sting , Beer Money, and Desmond Wolfe )

Team Flair has massacred Hogan’s Heroes in the weeks running up to Lockdown. Jeff Hardy’s face has been hit with a fireball, Abyss has been run over by a car and Jarrett and RVD have been attacked with baseball bats and beer bottles.

If they were facing a team representing anyone else, they would be planning their post-match celebration by now.

However, Hulk Hogan is the captain of the opposing team, so there is going to be only one winner, in my opinion.

I cannot stress enough how much I want Team Flair to win this. Abyss’ Hogan-Lite gimmick has already worn out its welcome, while the rest of Team Hogan does not need this victory to become stars.

Beer Money and Desmond Wolfe on the other could use a victory of this magnitude.  Hulk Hogan’s the man running the show though, so...

Winner: Team Hogan

Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson

This feud has been awesome, and has proven to skeptics that Anderson can not only wrestle a good match, but he can also deliver some World class promos.

The image of a bloodied Anderson taunting Angle last month at Destination X, even after he lost, epitomizes the intensity of the rivalry.

Kurt Angle, just like AJ Styles, isn’t qualified in the profession of putting on bad matches. Angle’s willingness to take on gravity and take some insane falls resulted in the Anderson/Angle ladder match a few weeks ago being the best TV match of 2010 by far.

Another great match expected here. Angle recently revealed on his Twitter that he was planning to take a break after Lockdown.

The Olympic Hero reassured his followers that he would still destroy Mr. Anderson this Sunday, and while I have no doubt these two men will give a whole new definition to the word ‘carnage.’ I see a Anderson victory on the horizon.

Winner: Mr. Anderson...ANDERSON!

Rob Van Dam vs. James Storm

The winner of this match will give his team the numerical advantage in the Lethal Lockdown match (two on one, three on two, etc). Storm should take the 1-2-3 here, since the baddies are usually the guys playing the numbers game.

Winner: James Storm

Knockouts Championship and Knockouts Tag Team Championship : The Beautiful People (c) vs. Angelina Love (c) and Tara

TNA have left some of their best female wrestlers off Impact, including previous tag team champs Sarita and Taylor Wilde, in favor of the Beautiful People.

The move has its critics, but Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne seem to have kept the attention of the TNA faithful.

Angelina Love won the Knockouts Title in an unorthodox, some would say farcical manner after picking the prize in the LockBox showdown two weeks back.

She and Tara don’t get along, but it isn’t unheard of to have friction between two potential tag team champions.

Also, I don’t see anyone in the Beautiful People who has the ability to carry the Knockouts Title. The tag belt doesn’t require so much individual talent, on the other hand.

Winner: Angelina Love and Tara

Team 3D vs. The Band (Scott Hall and Syxx Pac )

Syxx Pac has been good to watch in the ring since he returned to TNA. For a guy who champions smoking weed, Pac has not let any of his alleged personal habits prevent him from giving decent in-ring performances.

He and Eric Young carried their tag team match last month at Destination X, and while Syxx Pac didn’t put on a clinic, he’s still got something left in the tank.

Scott Hall on the other hand is definitely showing his age. Hall’s done well to get into some sort of shape, but his movement is no longer what it used to be.

I do feel that the lack of any weapons will prevent both teams from giving us a great match, or even a good one at that.

The cage is perhaps the saving grace here, and 3D can pull something out of their hats when it comes to PPV. We can only hope.

This at best will be decent, and I will not be surprised to see some sort of interference or referee bump play a part in determining the victor. The Band could win this match, to give this feud a reason to continue.

Winner : The Band

Kevin Nash vs. Eric Young

Eric Young will have to take every bump he can, in order to make this match worth watching. Kevin Nash doesn't wrestle many singles matches nowadays, and when he does, they are usually quite forgettable.

Young could do with the victory, after his embarrassment at Destination X. I do not fathom how a Nash win could possibly be necessary, though TNA has done plenty of unnecessary things in the past.

Winner : Eric Young

TNA X Division Championship

Doug Williams (c) vs. Kazarian vs. Shannon Moore

Internet fans seem to love hating Moore, but he gave a good account of himself in his match with Kazarian last Monday, while also pushing Williams’ angle about the X Division wrestlers being a bunch a circus monkeys.

Williams’ personality has stood out throughout this feud, and look for it continue after the PPV. TNA have no reason to change a working formula here, and hopefully we get a good match in the meantime.

Some wrestlers are not fans of the Triple Threat format, but I expect these guys to give us a great performance.

Of course, it could have been better with Christopher Daniels...but I’ll learn to let go.

Winner : Doug Williams

Motor City Machine Guns vs. Brian Kendrick and Homicide

This match was a last minute addition to the card, and in my opinion is only there to help the Guns save face after yet another attempt to win the Tag titles bit the dust.

Homicide has been anonymous since his problems with climbing the cage on January 4, and Brian Kendrick hasn’t done anything remotely of note in TNA thus far. It’s quite sad actually to such talents go to waste, but at least we’ll get a good match out of them on PPV.

Winner : Motor City Machine Guns

And that completes the list of matches for this PPV. Here’s to an entertaining Lockdown. And a new World Champion, perhaps.

Tell me what you think about the PPV, who’s going to win, and who’s getting sent home with less than squat. Thanks for reading.

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UPDATE: Apologies for the initial report, now it has been confirmed that Bischoff simply ReTweeted the Facebook post, which was originally written by a fan.

Was he agreeing with the fan by retweeting his post? Perhaps, but I should leave that to you guys to decide.

“Thanks for pointing out how minimal the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) really is...if it were up to them, every match would be vanilla midgets doing moonsaults and putting each other in submission holds for 45+ minutes, with zero characters or storylines. Don't ever let those morons get any influence over TNA or any other promotion.”


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