Is It Time WWE Starting Listing to The Internet Fans?

Adam SkylarkContributor IApril 17, 2010

WWE's product has become stale. We all know it and, by their own history, they should know it themselves. Now my point in this article is not to say "Everyone hates Cena/Sheamus, fire him" or anything like that. WWE is a business and Cena for one is a huge draw so it'd be crazy for them to get rid of him, however improvements can always be made.

With most of the WWE I won't use that stupid word....FANS...there we go. Now with most of the WWE fans on the internet surely it would make sense to read the message boards and big fan sites and take the ideas on board. It makes a lot more sense to find out what we want by simply reading it from out mouth (or finger tips as it were) than trying to guess or in some cases not doing what we want to see at all (I don't need to see Mae Young mouth rape people anymore, it wasn't funny the first time in the late 90's, its certainly not funny over a decade later).

Now a great example of people listening to fans would be touring musicians. A lot of bands nowadays will usually tour and do a set list they want but sometimes they let the fans decide and that will usually generate a set lists of rarely played songs along with some regular fan favourites. Wrestling could be similar. I know Cyber Sunday and the like sucked but that was just WWE poorly executing a great concept. They told us what to vote on rather than giving us true choices but then again in the wrestling word giving us the option we'd end up have really random matches with no story lines. However if WWEjust do a little research they'd improve their product tenfold.

Lets look at some popular ideas we see everywhere floating on the net.

The PG rating sucks. I understand they're reason for doing it but as always they've overdone it. WWE with blood did get stupid, there was blood in too many matches, it had little or no impact on the match anymore and it just became the norm. Then they got rid of it entirely. No. Wrong move. Just cut it down, use it only in big feud or hardcore matches, not in every other match. That was it becomes more exciting, makes the match seem more intense (which is would be if it were ending a huge feud) and make the oh so fake world of pro wrestling seem real again.your bed

Push the younger talent more. Again WWE are kind of doing this now but again they over did it. We asked for younger pushes meaning they start making their way up the ladder, maybe some former US/IC title holder moves up to the main even and leaves a space for an up and comer. We'd of been happy, it'd make sense but no, WWE chucked Sheamus in at the deep end to a universally panned title change. Take some time, build up reputations and in turn you should restore some status to my next point.

Title belts needs to have a big status again. Nobody likes the hot potato style of the titles at the moment. It's as if nobody wants them anymore, once they get it one or two PPV's later they lose it (apart from Christian but then did the ECWtitle ever mean anything?). We're now left with 2 main titles which change too often, 2 mid-card titles which get defended so rarely your forget they existed, 2 tag titles, which are now actually one, that get defended quite often but only between 2 random wrestler put together rather than actual tag teams (more on that later) and 2 women's titles which are a joke. Give people title reigns, build them up slowly and use the mid-card belts to showcase their talents. I know most focus needs to be on the main belts but the mid-card needs to stop feeling like filler and feel like actual challengers.

Tag Teams. What a dire state they are in. Look at TNA and they have a pretty good tag team roster. Beer Money and MCMG always put on a great show. WWE has to make this division strong again. Some of the best stars in the past have come from tag teams or at least have a strong tag team history, nowadays it seems if you're in a tag team you'll either job to random pairings of main eventers or just be split up, fued then be forgotten.

Bring back the cruiserweights. Remember WCW in it's prime, you had the NWO, Sting, Goldberg, DDP all battling it out for a big gold belt. But you know what got you hooked. The cruiserweights. They were insane. Rey Mysterio Jnr was incredible back then (he's much watered down now), Psycosis, Juventud, Jericho, Dean Malenko, Guerrero etc etc countless others. They'd put on incredible shows which grabbed you into Nitro and led nicely into the big guys segments and matches. Bringing this title and division back would make the product full of energy and excitement as well as be somewhere for wrestlers such as Evan Bourne, Yoshi Tatsu, Chavo to get a chance to shine.

Get rid of the guest hosts. Nobody likes them but from a business point of view it's brilliant. They get some publicity from actors and the like appearing on RAW and in return they get to promote whatever needs promoting. However if they're going to insist on keeping this up make the hosts to just book some matches and promote they're product. Do not have them come out doing stupid time wasting skits or being in matches they don't belong.

Stables. 3 people don't make a stable, hell 4 is pushing the name so make a good stable again. We all loved DX and the nWo and both were huge draws and arguably pushed wrestler who wouldn't have gotten and shot otherwise (HHH was a bore until DX). Bring back a good stable. Legacy seemed to be a return when it seemed they'd be having 5 members but that all went downhill. I'd like something like an stable of those veterans we always wanted to get a main event push but never have. Imagine Hardy, Christian, Shelton, Chavo, Carlito all uniting. It'd be pretty cool I think.

So if WWE actually read the internet they could just make a few changes, and that's all that's really needed. If you make the product more exciting then the wrestlers will want to put on a better show and the standard of matches would become much greater.

The popularity of wrestling has gone downhill since it's major eras. Go check Youtube now for any Hogan, Warrior, Stone Cold and The Rock match in their prime and listen to the pop. The only thing that comes close to that now is when Austin makes an appearance. Hell even on Jericho debut he got a bigger pop than Cena does now and most casual fans hadn't a clue who he was.

I hope you enjoyed my opinion, I know a lot of this is kinda of recycled and can be read in most opinion articles but I just feel WWE should listen to the fans rather than ignoring them otherwise I wouldn't be surprised if at the Money In The Bank PPV Santino wins and later on pins Goldust for the WWE title.....:) I'd actually quite enjoy that in a sick, demented kind of way