Wwe Raw Great Smackdown Crap

james nottelingContributor IApril 17, 2010

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Hello Reader,

Wow, what a raw i have never seen a more exciting raw besides the last week before ww26 which is always hard to top. Smackdown followed up with a boring dull evening, at the start it was great, a triple threat but the way it went down was just a show wrecker.


On raw we saw a new divas champ, ShowMiz win against Hart Dynasty when we all thought miz had run his mouth again proclaiming himself and big show as the best and Bret coming out and saying they weren’t and that some of his family members were the best. We saw Otunga get put back in his place as a ROOKIE and not a main eventer. Orton got his well disserved title shot and him to face batista later that night, that was a stunner until it was interrupted and hhh and sheamus' rivalry heated up.


On smackdown though they started up alright announcing a triple threat heavyweight match that ended up jack retaining and teaming with Jericho to hurt Edge. Swagger cashed in on Jericho I’d think Jericho would want to be getting his hands on him. R- Truth came out to save the fans from ziggler's crap only to be put to sleep, with no Morrison in the picture. Michelle vs mickie only for laycool to bash mickie and everyone knows mickie will go to raw Monday week so the point of that was dumb. Jtg came out on top of Shad the one that turned on him, you would think they would have shad take him down and have jtg come out on extreme rules. The tag match was average with no turns to it. The stand out of the show was kane vs. Drew showing us that wwe writers are serious about hardy vs drew but not only that it wasn't that bad of a match.


On another note the draft will define some of these rival’s splitting some and making some also raw is going to thrash tna's ratings in a fortnight so raw can't be any higher than it is but smackdown writers have to pick up their act.


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