White Sox Not Getting Defensive

Nick DuquettContributor IApril 17, 2010

White Sox dropped their second loss in a row in Cleveland on Friday night in which hey lost in typical White Sox fashion: some no name kid got his first career win against them in which he effectively shut them down, the opposition took advantage of an error caused by a White Sox fielder and they hit a solo home run.

So whats wrong with this team one may ask?

When Chicago went to the post season back in 2005 and 2008 those squads pitched greatly, played solid defense and was fundamentally sound. This years team? Well, they can pitch really well, but that's not going to be enough.

The White Sox need defensive upgrades at third, short, and behind the plate. There was quite a few options over the off season to fill some of those needs.

Adrian Beltre was a free agent that plays third base beautifully and might even of seen some of his power rekindle playing at U.S. Cellular Field 81 times a season. But what did the White Sox do? They traded for Mark Teahen, then signed him to an extension.

They could of fixed the middle infield with problem easily but still managed to make the wrong move. The theory most thought to do was put Gordon Beckham at shortstop (his natural position mind you) and put Alexei Ramirez back at second base where he played the position well in 2008 during his rookie campaign.

In the outfield you have Alex Rios in center, Carlos Quentin in right and Juan Pierre in left. Rios defends pretty well in center field but is likely to be more valuable in right. Chicago had a above par defensive center fielder by the name of Brian Anderson. Anderson took a lot of licks for not being able to hit the ball well, but I always figured their was one position you could sacrifice a bat for a glove. Pierre is average in left, but is still an upgrade than Scott Podsednik who trotted in left field for the palehose most of last season.

This would of left Quentin to be the DH. But with his history of injuries that probably would of been for the best. It also might of given him a better advantage at the plate since his only focus would of been hitting primarily.

Its still early yet and you don't know how the rest of the season will unfold. Yes, that sounds corny and cliché but its the truth. Defense will really have to improve for Chicago if playoff dreams can become a reality.