UFC 112 vs. Bellator 14: Who Really Wins?

Nick ColonSenior Analyst IApril 17, 2010

In a world where Dana White's Ultimate Fighting Championship is king, and every other promotion is nothing but puny pawns, one company is slowly rising to take on the king and his army.

Last weekend's UFC 112 failed to dazzle fans in the same way previous UFC events have, and many fans may be looking towards a steady source of exciting MMA bouts.

Fans can look no further than Bellator Fighting Championships.

Bellator 14 proved again that the young, aspiring Bellator company is on the rise, with fighters that finish fights, fans that stay entertained, and even a little controversy that makes fans want to come back for more.

The type of controversy that the UFC experienced last weekend when Anderson "The Spider" Silva made a mockery of Demian Maia, and in effect, the MMA middleweight division, is not the same type of controversy Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney experienced during his event last night.

"It's a bad call by the referee," said Ryan "The Tank Engine" Thomas, who lost his bout to Ben Askren by a controversial anaconda choke submission.

After personally reviewing the tape multiple times, Thomas may not be wrong, as it did not appear to the common eye that Thomas submits.

Yet, aside from the controversy, Bellator's display put on at the Chicago Theatre, to be brief, was vintage Bellator, which suited the venue that held 3,600 cheerful MMA fans.

While UFC 112 provided fans with a new lightweight champion, it provided much more than that. It provided a big feeling of discontentment among fight fans worldwide, and it mocked the very foundations upon which the UFC has based itself upon.

In the meantime, Bellator continues to grow with each and every event, slowly gaining momentum in the MMA community and eventually may have the manpower to compete with an organization such as the UFC.

So fans, I ask you: Which event was more exciting?