Two Wrestling Companies Tips For Improvement:TNA

Andy The Bad GuyCorrespondent IApril 16, 2010

I've seen everyone write articles on what the WWE and TNA need to do to improve on their current situations and I've heard everyone go on and on about getting rid of PG,guest hosts, pushing young talent, more guys getting air time and you know the rest. I have to say that those points could be the solution but I'm going to give my tips for each company and how they will need to improve. So first off, I'm going to start off with TNA, who in my opinion need improvements so they can be on the same level with the WWE.

1-Less Camera Time and Promotion For Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff

I know a lot of people like Hulk and Eric is supposed to be the evil manager and all but to be honest the only time we're supposed to see them is if they're making matches not seeing them 6 times in the show when some of that time can be used to promote other young stars on the rise. Even though Hogan is being used to promote Jay Lethal these days, on the intro video i think there's like 5 clips where we see him when other guys can be featured on the video and when promoting the program on Spike and other channels because let's face it,he's not wrestling and he shouldn't be and the poster boys of TNA should be their World Champion and other main eventers and not the management because they're not competing in the matches.

2-Make More Use Of Your Foreign Stars

I know the majority of wrestlers in TNA are American but not only do the greatest wrestlers come from America they come from other countries as well. TNA has been better than WWE at finding great foreign talent in 2009 and if you look at WWE's foreign talent like Chris Jericho and Edge headlining WrestleMania,we know that wrestlers from all over the world can put on amazing matches and are usually excellent at cutting promos. Look at TNA's foreign talent, guys like the veteran Douglas Williams, who is arguably one of the most elusive and greatest signings to be brought to America, Brutus Magnus, a talented competitor who is already a two time World Tag Team Champion at the age of 24, Kiyoshi, an impressive competitor from Japan who can bring more to the table if given the chance and more like Homicide, Eric Young,Desmond Wolfe and Hernandez. Look at all those I've mentioned and tell me that they're not good enough for an opportunity?

3-Promote AJ Styles

Look at the WWE Champion John Cena. A man who gets enough camera time for a champion and undoubtedly can cause a reaction wherever he comes and not to mention his skyrocketing merchandise sales. AJ, a TNA original who has been there from the company's inception and is the current TNA World Heavyweight Champion doesn't get as much camera time as Hulk or Eric does. Even though he's a heel, AJ needs a whole lot of camera time. He is the champion and he is at the top of TNA so the show should in a way revolve around him. Even though everyone needs to be promoted, as the champion AJ should be promoted more than anyone else and should start the show and end the show.

4-Promote the World Championship Feuds More

The World Champion and his rival for his title should be the main feud in the company. It seems that Lethal Lockdown is the most important rivalry right now and I do agree it's an important match, nothing should be more important than the World Championship. The World Championship match should be promoted the most especially when it comes to Pay Per View video promotions and the World Title matches should be promoted to the extent that when we hear about the upcoming Pay Per View we should know that the World Championship match is the main event.

5-Give more deserving talent camera time and championship opportunities

Even though TNA keeps acquiring new talent which can be a good thing I have seen amazing competitors like Consequences Creed and TNA original and pioneer Christopher Daniels leave I realized it's because TNA does not rely on the homegrown talent. When I say homegrown talent I mean the guys who were not signed when Hogan and Bischoff came along. Sure RVD and Jeff Hardy, when Jeff Hardy is legal, are huge and vital acquisitions and to an extent Brian Kendrick,Shannon Moore and Mr Anderson, I have seen guys like the Nasty Boys(THANK GOODNESS THEY'RE GONE), Scott and Syxx Pac and Orlando Jordan get camera time and PPV matches just to either take away our dignity with pitiful matches and disgusting promos, people say the roster is too big which is true but seriously do we need some weird bisexual dude in make-up squirting some dubious white liquid on himself? I don't think so. Homegrown talent should be given opportunites in championship matches and promo time as they have amazed us before with what they bring to the table and are one of the reasons TNA are where they are. And make new talent EARN championship opportunities. I was angry with the way Shannon Moore has been given X Division title shots out of the blue instead of guys like Homicide or Kiyoshi. The new signings should be made to earn their title opportunities instead of giving to them out of the blue and overshadowing more deserving athletes.

6-Use Samoa Joe properly

Samoa Joe is probably one of the biggest acquisitions TNA has ever got from the Independent scene and we know that he's been taken by some dudes in the truck.TNA,you couldn't keep CM Punk when you had him, now he's already become a Triple Crown in WWE so use Joe to his full potential and bring him back to the main event scene before you lose another vital talent.

7-Use RVD to full potential

RVD truly belongs in the main event and can be used excellently in the main event scene especially if you want a face champion who with some great looking merchandise, can truly sell for TNA. TNA, once the Hogan-Flair feud is done use RVD in the main event scene whilst he's still in prime condition.

8-Use Jeff Hardy to full potential once he's cleared

If Jeff's legal issues are definently cleared it would be the best time to use him in the main event because he had extreme momentum in WWE but unfortunately they did not give him a long enough championship reign to become a bigger phenomenon than he already is so if these issues are done with, use Jeff to his highest potential.

Thanks for reading and I will post my WWE article next Friday.