My Thoughts About Some Things In WWE

Esli Augusto Silva de SouzaContributor IApril 16, 2010

My thoughts about some things in WWE


Hey, I´m very upset about whats is going on in the WWE. I´m a huge fan, and as a huge of WWE fan I have noted some things that I want to share with all of you:


1-They think that John Cena is Hulk Hogan?

I don´t like Hulk Hogan or Cena because for me they are not real wrestlers they just 2 guys that WWE puts in the ring to draw ratings (apparently works well).

But whats the diference between Hogan and Cena?

You actually you can hear boos on John Cenas entrance.

But in Hogan you never listen boos.


2-Are they blind?

Apparently they are.

Did you really think they don´t know that´s the divas division sucks?

Did you really think they don´t know that they have BIG TALENTS on the locker room, that are jobbers or even don´t wrestle?

Did you really think they don´t know that this guest host thing is a shit?

Did you really think they don´t know that NXT is not working?


3-United States title is creating fungi on The Miz waist

Come on the title is classic. Greats had held it.

But apparently WWE likes to give importance to the WWE title (Did I really say that?)


4-The world titles today are nothing but fake gold.

I was talking with a friend and I realize that before Survivor Series 2008 Edge was a 5 time world champion.

After Backlash 2008 he was 9 time world chamion.NINE TIME (with emphasis).

He returned in SS 2008 and Win the WWE championship.

At Armageddon he lost the WWE championship.

At Royal Rumble he won again.

At No Way Out (Better name. Elimination Chamber sucks) he lost again the WWE but wins the Heavy.

It´s the perfect exemple what a world championship means on WWE today.


5-Guest host?

Did I really need to says some thing about it.


And this is not all.


Honorable mention:

Hardcore, blood, chair shots. Stoping a match because of a paper cut

I mean they don´t need to put blood in every match or chair shots .But sometimes will be good. More diferent syles of matches (Not Divas Babe Baywatch 30 woman tag match) but Steel Cages, Raw vs Smackdown (Not the entire roster just the classic ONE-ON-ONE).

Do a balance like every 3 or 4 months have some blood, Steel Cage SOMETHING PLEASE (Screaming).



Title changes at a weekly show. Or put the Cruiseweight Title on Superstars. DO SOMETHING.


And has more but,I´m not goin to write more now.





Thanks for reading


Bonus 2:

Why a RAW guest rost decides what Smackdown World title match is going to happen on Extreme Rules?