My Top 10 Future WWE Main-Eventers

Dynamite BillCorrespondent IApril 16, 2010

10)- Chris Masters

He is young, talented and he has got the body type of a future champion. He really needs to work his mic skills, but his powerhouse skills can take him to, main event stats.

I can see him feuding with people like Kingston, Edge, Orton etc. His recent heel turn shows that the WWE doesn't want him for the comedy role anymore, good.

9)- Cody Rhodes

Solid mic skills, constantly improving his in-ring ability and charismatic. Cody Rhodes can surely climb the ladder to the main event. He needs to work a bit more his in-ring ability, but the fact he is improving rapidly is good.

8)- Ezekiel Jackson

At times we all need monster heels. And thats the case will Zeke, he has got great wrestling skills, personality and he is quite charismatic.  I can't really see him winning any major titles but he can main-event PPVs for sure.

7)- Ted DiBiase Jr

Like Cody his days on Legacy proved that he has solid future. He is a solid wrestler but he really needs to improve his mic skills. Other than that I can easily see him main eventing PPVs and even winning a major title.

6)-John Morisson

Not a big fan of this guy, but the shammy of sexy has got future for sure. He is a quite gifted high-flyer, but he really needs to work his  mic skills (Mr.Ziggles?).

He also needs a new finisher because even though the Starship pain looks nice it isn't realistic at all.

5)- Drew McIntyre

When you are a buddy of Hunter, and you are introduced by Vince as a future Heavyweight champion you can be sure you've got bright future.

McIntyre is a great wrestler with an absolutely brutal finisher. But he really lacks personality. Still I can see him holding a major championship and having an a la Triple H career.

4)- C.M Punk

With one of the greatest gimmicks of all time plus amazing ring skills and great mic skills we can all be sure he will be constantly, in the main event scene.

3)- The Miz

The awesome one! He is a fantastic heel, really charismatic and a decent wrestler. He can do wonders with the mic, but he should really improve his in ring abilities. 

The Miz is for sure a future major champion.

2)- Tie- Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston

They are both fantastic wrestlers, and while Kingston is more charismatic Swagger is a more solid wrestler.

I really can't decide who of those two is better but one thing is for sure, they will both main event.

1)- Sheamus 

He has is a fantastic wrestler, charismatic and he has got a unique looks. The Celtic Warrior is a guaranteed main eventer.

I can see him feuding with Kingston, Edge, Swagger, Triple H, Cena etc. The Celtic Warrior is plain awesomness.