Who will win the UEFA Champions League?

Dillon RobinsonCorrespondent IJuly 15, 2008

Who will win the UEFA Champions League?

Will Manchester retain their title, will Liverpool continue their dominance or will Real Madrid win a record tenth European Cup?

Well I think they can. They have a brilliant team of young talent and experience.

Manchester United has no chance of retaining their title. They have Fifa Club World Cup matches, League Cup, Premier League, FA Cup, UEFA Super Cup and their Champions League matches to go.

Tough season ahead, but never say never they have a chance.

Here are my predictions:


Last 16:

Real Madrid                                               AS Roma 

Manchester United                                     Porto

Juventus                                                  Arsenal

Olympique Lyonnais                                   Bayern Munich

Barcelona                                                 Werder Bremen

Inter Milan                                                Athletico Madrid

Chelsea                                                    Glascow Rangers

Liverpool                                                  Villareal                                                                                          



Manchester United                                    Real Madrid

Chelsea                                                   Liverpool

Barcelona                                                Juventus

Olympique Lyonnais                                 Inter Milan



Real Madrid                                             Manchester United

Juventus                                                Chelsea



Manchester United



Real Madrid