Apparently starting pitchng isn't important to Omar these day.

brendan costelloContributor IApril 16, 2010


Sometimes I wonder if Omar Minaya is hard of hearing or just plain out stupid. The man was told if the Mets have a bad year him and Jerry get the boot. So you would think he would do everything in his power to fix the struggling mets who went 70-92 last year. So the biggest thing Omar had to fix in order to make this once promising team sore again was the starting rotation. Any met fan or even baseball fan knew that for the mets to win, the starting rotation should be first priority .Everybody but Omar I guess.


Now I'm not saying Omar hasn't done good things for the mets he has. Bringing big names to the mets like Pedro, Beltran, Bay, Santana, Delgado, and others. What he, and a lot of fans don't relies, yes he brought stars in, but most near the end of there careers, hurt or not right for the media. As of late Omar has just made dreadful moves other then Francore I can't really say anything positive he did.


The thing that makes me puzzled, mad, crazy, pissed, confused, baffled really any of the above. Is what Omar did with starting rotation or what he didn't do I should say. I mean he had to know if the mets don't win he is gone. And there is no way you can me make believe he truly believed we could win with this rotation. I mean Maine has had two injury plagued seasons, Oliver's pitching style is very inconsistent to say the least, Pelfrey's has had one winning season and had 5.03 ERA last year. Then you have Niese who has appeared in only 9 career games, and to top it off Johan is coming of season ending surgery. Even if he is the Santana of old one pitcher can't carry the whole staff. So what was Omar thinking


As we all know Lackey was available a few million more and the mets could have had a serious one two punch. Now this doesn't mean they would have a great starting rotation but it sure does help. Then if the mets would have added a Pinero as well then we might have a solid rotation. The biggest mistake Omar made though was signing Oliver to that big contract instead of signing Lowe.


Omar is the most over rated GM in baseball not only has he lost this season he may have sent the mets into another rebuilding period. I just don't see what he was thinking when he did nothing to the starting pitching. Either Omar wants to be fired or he is plain out stupid.