Dez Bryant To Denver: Why the Broncos Offense Needs To 'Cowboy Up'

Ryan CookFeatured ColumnistApril 15, 2010

"With the 11th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos select Dez Bryant, wide receiver, Oklahoma State University".

It's a statement that not many of us expect to hear come Draft Day, given the Denver Broncos' lack of motivation in recent draft years.  However, the Denver Broncos are a team on the rise, and although they have endured their fair share of criticism as of late, the Denver Broncos are a possibly one draft pick away from experiencing more than just success in the 2010 season.

At the moment, the Denver Broncos are a team that is questioned both offensively and defensively.  Head coach Josh McDaniels has arguably done some good and bad things in his time since taking over from Mike Shanahan, and although the Broncos are looking to ascend to a possible playoff spot this year, their 2009 8-8 record says differently.

Last season, the Broncos struggled offensively, particularly toward the later half of the season. It's no secret that at times, the Broncos showed an obvious lack of experience and motivation in games that truly mattered. 

Therefore, how can the Denver Broncos redeem themselves and once again go back to being a feared team not only in the AFC West, but the entire NFL in general?

Well it's a tough task for any young head coach to manage, but it doesn't take an offensive genius to work out that the Denver Broncos are short at the wide receiver position, and it may cost them oh so dearly.

Brandon Marshall is now gone to Miami, and although Brady Quinn steps in as a possible starter for the Denver Broncos, it will only be a matter of time before Denver feels the pinch of not having a star wide receiver to throw to and put points on the board.

So, here comes the second question.  Who should Denver draft in a weeks time?  The realistic and most probable answer is Dez Bryant.

In 2009, Dez Bryant had a near fantastic year with the Oklahoma State Cowboys.  His wide receiver play was amongst the best in the nation, and if it wasn't due to an untimely suspension, we may have been looking at Dez Bryant raising the Heisman Trophy, rather than Mark Ingram.

Aside from the past though, Dez Bryant has an ever-so-promising future.  Some may argue the case that Dez Bryant isn't exactly Denver Bronco material, but to that, all I have to say is, what is Denver Bronco material?

The first point that is worthy of talking about is Dez Bryant's route-running skill.  His speed and quickness normally make short work of cornerbacks and safeties, and if you've ever watched Dez Bryant on television and seen him floating around deep in the secondary somewhere, it's basically because it takes him two-and-a-half seconds to get downfield.

Secondly, Dez Bryant is also just an all around athlete.  His catching is superb, and when he does make the catch, he often has the ability to turn it into an extra 10 to 20 yards.  Sure, this is something that many wide receivers in the NFL are capable of, but with Brandon Marshall gone, wouldn't it be nice to have this sought of talent once again on the Broncos depth chart?

Thirdly, Dez Bryant in Denver just sounds cool.  Bryant has a knack of just looking promising for any team, and although he sometimes suffers from a lack of maturity on the field, I'm sure it is nothing that Josh McDaniels can't sort out with a good pep talk.

Time is dwindling down, so Denver, it's do or die time.  Take a wide receiver and spare the fans some heartache, or go for a less viable option and see what you can get.  The 11th spot in the draft is great, especially considering the talent 2010 packs. 

The AFC West is Denver's to take, considering that San Diego may now face major problems since the loss of LaDainian Tomlinson.

Denver has blown it in the past, but like the old saying goes, "Even a broken clock is right once a day."