Bad News For Norwich, Are English Leagues Fair?

Robert MorrisonContributor IApril 15, 2010

NORWICH, UNITED KINGDOM - JANUARY 09:  Norwich City manager Paul Lambert looks on during the Coca Cola League One match between Norwich City and Exeter City at Carrow Road on January 9 , 2010 in Norwich, England.  (Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images)
Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Parachute payments are up.

Norwich are up.

Well, true they have the technicality of having to win a couple more times to ensure it but I think I can say its certain without tempting fate.

So, next season, Norwich going down.

How can we expect teams to get promotion into the premier league with this kind of thing happening?

A little explanation is probably needed, as many people know when a team is relegated from the Premier League they are given so called 'parachute payments'. This is money that they can use to make sure their club doesn't collapse after losing out on all of the TV revenue and other boring things that they had in the Premier League.

This is all very well, however under the new rules these payments equal around £16 million a year for the first two years, then an extra £8 million each year for the next two years

Now, Norwich, who look set to finish in an automatic promotion slot, will receive next to nothing for being the best in their league.

Our current system rewards a team like Portsmouth for having financial problems. True, also lots of their players have underperformed, their management has been precarious at best and some decisions have gone against them.

Now, looking to the future, we can see that its quite likely Portsmouth will bounce back in a year or two. With the extra money they can clear their debt and have a new start, not at the bottom of the pyramid but on the second highest tier.


Now, that seems a lot like an aimless rant to anyone who even bothers reading this, however I think it needs to be said.

Just like the ref decisions favouring the top four at every opportunity, this is proof that really while we may all support the under dog, its slowly becoming more and more pointless.