$140 Million=1.5 All Star Selections

Eric BrennerAnalyst IJuly 15, 2008

Since every team in the Majors nowadays must be represented by at least one player in the All Star game, the Mets had to send someone. This has not been a problem in the recent past, with 6 players being sent to the show in '06 and 4 in '07.

But this year was a much different story.

I found myself refusing to vote for any Mets players not because I'd been angry with the team's play, but simply for the reason that I felt no one deserved it.

No one was having an all star caliber season. Yes, David Wright was hitting around .280, but the clutch hit has eluded him all season and his throwing from third base has taken somewhat of a nosedive. His injury replacement is why I consider his selection as the .5 selection. Billy Wagner had been having a nice season until he proved once again he cant save a big game, so now his selection is quite questionable.

And as I looked around the rest of the team, no one stood out above and beyond any of the other alternatives on the ballot. (The ballot also made its first appearance in the first week of May, which is ridiculous and a topic for another story in itself)

But for once I think this will do more good than bad.

I feel the majority of the players made the team by default last year. People voted by names and not by performance. This year is different. Many fans realized that certain guys, like Ryan Braun and Evan Longoria, have produced much better results in the first half of the year.

These guys play to win, and not to collect their money.

Its time that certain players on the Mets, all stars or not, realized they must play to prove themselves once again. Too much was taken for granted with this team, especially last year. These guys expected to make the All Star team because of who they are. And they did. They also expected to win the division because they were all stars. And they didn't.

So maybe this 9 game streak is a function of the team playing with something to prove. Something we all saw in 2006. I can only hope it carries over into the second half, because if not, the other teams who play to show the world what they can do will run away.