My Opinion About Triple H and John Cena

Esli Augusto Silva de SouzaContributor IApril 15, 2010

I, know its kind dumb but lets face it, still have some idiots that think that John Cena is Better then HHH.


Some days ago i read (or listen i can´t remember) a guy saying that John Cena is better than HHH.

They said that HHH has just 5 moves like Cena blablabla. Bullshit, but is kinda truth.

Before kill me, think:

Triple H when he is in the momentum he uses that running knee, the facebuster , the spinebuster.

After, his loses his momentum, but suddenly he comes and do the Pedigree. 

When i read that i realize that was truth but, here what i think after reading that:

I don´t care Is HHH. When you think in John Cena what comes in mind? In my mind comes that:

1- He sucks

2- 5 moves

3- Superman

When I think in HHH comes that:

- Attitude Era

- He is Triple H

- Sledgehammer

Honorable mention:

He is doin Stephanie McMahon.

Triple H established himself as one of the greats of the Attitude Era generation.

Although I think is Cena is one of the best of the PG-Era generation.

What you think about that?


Sorry is my first article and I´m from Brazil and my English is poor.


Thanks for reading.