My Opinion About Triple H and John Cena

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My Opinion About Triple H and John Cena

I, know its kind dumb but lets face it, still have some idiots that think that John Cena is Better then HHH.

Some days ago i read (or listen i can´t remember) a guy saying that John Cena is better than HHH.

They said that HHH has just 5 moves like Cena blablabla. Bullshit, but is kinda truth.

Before kill me, think:

Triple H when he is in the momentum he uses that running knee, the facebuster , the spinebuster.

After, his loses his momentum, but suddenly he comes and do the Pedigree. 

When i read that i realize that was truth but, here what i think after reading that:

I don´t care Is HHH. When you think in John Cena what comes in mind? In my mind comes that:

1- He sucks

2- 5 moves

3- Superman

When I think in HHH comes that:

- Attitude Era

- He is Triple H

- Sledgehammer

Honorable mention:

He is doin Stephanie McMahon.

Triple H established himself as one of the greats of the Attitude Era generation.

Although I think is Cena is one of the best of the PG-Era generation.

What you think about that?

Sorry is my first article and I´m from Brazil and my English is poor.

Thanks for reading.

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