New York Rangers Quasi-Trade Rumor: Wade Redden for Sheldon Souray?

New York Hockey Daily@nyhockeydailyContributor IApril 15, 2010

ATLANTA - JANUARY 07:  Wade Redden #6 of the New York Rangers against the Atlanta Thrashers at Philips Arena on January 7, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
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Let me be clear, this is not a rumored deal, but it is being put out there by Ray Slover of The Sporting News that a deal between the Rangers and Oilers for a swap of two overpaid defensemen, Wade Redden and Sheldon Souray could go down.

The reason is simple, Souray makes a lot of money and has asked to be traded out of Edmonton and Redden makes a lot of money and the Rangers really regret signing him. So why not trade both of them straight up? In a way it makes sense, but it is never really that easy.

Let’s take a look at what Slover had to say:

The beauty of this deal is its ability to help both teams. The Rangers would move a bust of a defenseman and save cap space. The Oilers would dispose of a guy who doesn’t fit their future for a defenseman who actually can stay healthy—which might be the best thing to say about Redden at this time.

Redden threatens to suck another $6.5 million away from the Rangers’ cap space next season, and Souray would save them $2 million. Plus, Souray has two years left on his deal, while Redden is due at least $5 million through 2014.


So if Glen Sather wants to continue overpaying for veterans rather than doing the smart thing and rebuild with younger players, Souray his man.

Tambellini would likely gift-wrap Souray, even if he has to accept a player who is reasonably good but has nothing near Souray’s offensive potential.

Thoughts : This deal makes sense from the Rangers perspective. They don’t want Redden around any longer and it seems like he is destined for being bought out or being sent to the minors. Either way the Rangers are going to have to pay a lot and they’ll get nothing in return. Bringing in Souray gives them a $2 million break per year and shortens the length of their commitment by two years.

The problem is, will Edmonton go for this? Obviously they want to move Souray. He’s demanded a trade and they don’t trust his ability to stay healthy (although broken wrists and concussions can happen to anybody). The problem is adding a contract worth $26 million over the next four years is probably not the answer to those problems. Redden would probably go to Edmonton, not complain, and he has no outstanding health risks, but his contract would present them with an entirely new set of problems.

I guess this could still work out though, it really depends on how much the Oilers like Redden and if they like him enough to take on a $6.5 million cap hit to take him. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

What’s your take? Would the Oilers make this deal? And would the Rangers just be better off stashing him in Hartford and eating Redden’s contract?

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