A-Rod's New Chika?

Angie MeyerContributor IIApril 15, 2010
Alex Rodriguez is the hottest bachelor on the sports market, and he seems to be circling the Hollywood glitter-stars like he circles bases.
After his very public break-up last winter with Kate Hudson, the rumor mill is spinning that he has another starlit on his arm, Justin Timberlake's ex, and celebrity-extraordinaire, Cameron Diaz. Our sources close to Alex Rodriguez say "Yes, they are hanging out. They've been friends for a long time, but are just testing the waters before taking their relationship to the next level."
Testing the waters?
Well Glamorous ones, if you want to call a series of dates water wading, then go right ahead. The Hollywood gossip patrol been hot on the the MLB star's relationship trail since Superbowl. The two were said to be were mighty-flirty during a CAA (Creative Artists Agency) Superbowl party in Miami. A source told Life&Style Magazine the couple secretly dated while A-Rod, and the Yanks were at Spring Training last month.
Since his divorce to wife of seven years, Cynthia Scurtis in 2008, Rodriguez has been linked to Madonna, Kate Hudson, Elaine Spottswood , Model Melissa B, and now Diaz.
Could the celebrity gossip meter be a cover up for A-Rod's latest issues? He's currently undergoing an investigation for a special "treatment" he received from Canadian Doctor, Anthony Galea. Galea has been said to offer his patients an added growth hormone, for enhanced athletic ability. Ironically, Galea is also linked to Tiger Woods.
Maybe Cameron Diaz is the sweet spot that's helping the Yankees early on this season. A-Rod does have the richest contract in the history of baseball history, and thus far, The Yanks are 5-3, with Rodriguez well ahead of the league average of RBI's (Runs brought in).
The Yankees will finish up their series against the Angels in Anaheim tonight. Anaheim is a mere thirty minutes outside of Los Angeles. It remains to be seen if the two love-birds will sing a sweet tune near by.
It's quite obvi that all of you JT fans are quite familiar with Cammy, but just so you're familiar with A-Rod, here's the scoop on this Dominican ball-doll.
Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez
Born: July 27, 1975 in the Dominican Republic
Pro Baseball Player - Nicknames are Alex and A-Rod
Where he was: Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers (played short stop for both)
Where he is: New York Yankees, sittin' pretty at 3rd base
Celebs he's loved: Madonna, Kate Hudson, Kristin Davis, Melissa B, Elaine Spottswood, and now... Cameron Diaz (potentially)
Fabulously Notable Fact: Considered one of the best baseball players of all time. Youngest player to hit 500 home runs!
And ladies... Dolla Dolla Bill's y'all... 10 years = $275 million dollars for this batting honey!
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