The Question Is...Which Is The Better Promotion,TnA Or WWE?

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The Question Is...Which Is The Better Promotion,TnA Or WWE?
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Nice.Now welcome to the question is,where i ask a question and YOU,the BleacherReport writers and readers answer them in the poll and give your opinion in the comments section.

Tonights Question is...Which is the better of the two,TnA or WWE?

Lets see Which has more Pure wrestling?TnA wins.

Which has more star power?WWE takes it home.

Which has better storylines?WWE wins

And which one has the better ratings?WWE takes the most important one. 

So does this mean that WWE wins?Not Necessarily.Lets Further into these questions(I just made that up.)

Pure wrestling.The most important part of wrestling?Damn straight!In pro wrestling?Hell no!You see today, most fans only care about showboating and the storyline.So that technicly means that it is of almost no importance.TnA basicly just lost their only advantage.

Star power means nothing.Just filler for my article.But its still slightly important.Take cena for example.

And now THE most important one.Ratings.We all know that TnA is getting thier asses handed tothem week in and week out.So that means that WWE has taken Three out of Four.

So what do you think?Is TnA better?

Is it WWE?

Are you falling for the fact that i choose topics that everyone is talking about?


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