Cleveland Browns Draft: Trade Up, Trade Down, or Stand Pat?

Hugh ShannonContributor IApril 14, 2010

CLEVELAND - DECEMBER 27:  A Cleveland Browns fan cheers against the Oakland Raiders at Cleveland Browns Stadium on December 27, 2009 in Cleveland, Ohio.  (Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images)
Matt Sullivan/Getty Images
Where does safety Eric Berry land and how important is he to the Cleveland Browns draft plans?  Those are the questions that will determine the "trade strategy" the Browns will employ.

Scenario No. 1
Cleveland trades up to grab Berry, trading away picks seven and 38. QB will have to wait for later rounds or 2011.

Scenario No. 2 
Cleveland stands pat and if Kansas City takes an offensive tackle, Berry likely falls to Cleveland and they keep their remaining draft picks (see previous mock).

Scenario No. 3 
Berry is gone.  Cleveland trades down to accumulate additional draft picks.

Scenario No. 4
Double trade. Employed last year, Cleveland again double dips down, starting first with San Francisco. The Niners get a shot at a top flight offensive tackle like Bryan Balaga, Bruce Campbell or Trent Williams, which tops their needs chart. The Browns get the No. 13 pick and the  No. 49 pick in the second round. 

Just when you think its safe, Cleveland trades down again with the Eagles. Philly is looking for a DE (Derrick Morgan or Jason Pierre-Paul) or and OLB (Sergio Kindle or Brandon Graham).  Cleveland gets the #24 pick and the #55 pick in the second round.

Now, Cleveland's draft strategy really shifts—

Pick No. 24 FS Taylor Mays, USC
Size and speed in an unbelievable combination. Will Berry be missed?

Pick No. 38 QB Colt McCoy, Texas
Nothing changes here.

Pick No. 49 CB Brandon Ghee, Wake Forest
Pick No. 55 SS Chad Jones, LSU
These picks along with Mays solidify the Cleveland secondary for years to come.

Pick No. 71 RB Ben Tate, Auburn
Hard hitting back with good bursts of speed and hands out of the backfield.

Pick No. 85 WR Taylor Price, Ohio
Has been on the board since the first mock.  Good speed, great hands and precise route running.

Pick No. 92 DE Austen Lane, Murray State 
Big and fast, can add 20-plus pounds and not lose a step.

Pick No. 134 WR Jordan Shipley, Texas
Possession type receiver adds needed depth at the position.

Pick No. 146 OG Marshall Newhouse, TCU
Sleeper pick this deep in the draft. On the board since the first.

Pick No. 160 OLB Arthur Moats, James Madison
Not overly tall but solid with explosive tackling skills along with smart reads and reactions.

Pick No. 177 CB Nolan Carroll, Maryland
Converted WR, good size and speed who knows pass routes.  Rising on the boards.

Pick No. 186 DT Corey Peters, Kentucky
Big massive tackle to plug the hole up the middle. A project but with potential.