Seattle Seahawks Mock Draft 4.0 (after Trade)

Drew PlommerContributor IApril 14, 2010

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - FEBRUARY 27: Offensive lineman Anthony Davis of Rutgers runs during the NFL Scouting Combine presented by Under Armour at Lucas Oil Stadium on February 27, 2010 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)
Scott Boehm/Getty Images

Another mock I know. New scenario though.

Seahawks trade the 14th pick and some player haha? (idno) to the Pats. Seahawks receive Pats 22nd and 44th picks. This is assuming the Pats want CJ Spiller and he is available.

Seahawks trade the 6th pick to the Eagles. Seahawks receive the 24th and 37th pick. Assuming Berry is available.

Maybe we are giving up to much for receiving too much idno. Let me know what you think about these trades.

22th- Anthony Davis LT Rutgers. Big, physical, and some say best pass blocking OL in the draft. Great value here. Not sure if he will drop this far. Some mocks have him dropping this far some more in the teens. If he is not available take Charles Brown USC.

24th- Maurkice Pouncey C Florida- Some people may hate this. They probably will say we have a C in Unger but we have a huge in at OL. Unger has played guard and I'm sure Pouncey can play guard as well. We need OL badly and that is what we need to build our team around, Linemen. This is more of a pick for the future. Without a good OL you don't go anywhere in the playoffs. If we take players like Spiller Bryant etc. they wont have anything around them to blossom like a Harvin. Not saying they will but I see them more likely to be a Ted Ginn Jr. then a Harvin. Bush didn't really blow up when he came into the league, he needed players around him.

37th- Kareem Jackson CB Alabama- I know this pick should be a safety but there are no safeties worthy of the 37th pick. It would be weird/awesome to have a CB over 5'9" 175. Jackson is a solid 5'11" 195 that's pretty good size for a CB. We need CB Jennings blows, Wilson should be our nickel back, and Trufant might have been one of the worst CB in the league last year. He lead the leagues in PI's and didn't even play the whole season... Just think about the Texans game and you think Trufant... I hope he can come back to pro bowl form but kind of lost faith in him last year.

44th- Rodger Staffold LT Indiana- This our chance to really turn our OL upside down in a good way. Get Shaun L out of here and put Staffold at RT. We need OL! Again this is our chance to make our OL for the future. At 37th and 44th if we do have these picks its a tough choice but its tough because of all the good players there. LT Davis LG Pouncey C Unger RG ? Locklear or Spencers the RT Staffold. 

These two picks were tough we could go CB OL like I did or WR/DE WR/OL WR/SS who knows but we have options.

60th- Jonathon Dwyer RB Georgia Tech- I have been a big fan of Dwyers all long. Watch youtube films of him and you'll see why. He is a big back that has speed that everyone thought he didn't have. He's 6'0" plus and 220 or 230. Pair him with Forsett and we could have a good RB pair. Dwyer could play 1st and 2nd down and Forsett plays 3rd or long distance. I feel we need to get a RB of the future here and this would be a good value and seeing how we don't pick till the fourth round we need to get a RB before then.

22-Anthony Davis

24-Maurkice Pouncey

37-Kareem Jackson

44-Rodger Staffold

60-Jonathon Dwyer

I know a lot of these picks could be seen as far fetch and even the trades as extremely far fetched but let me know what you would want. I just see teams with two second round picks wanting to get into the first round higher. Both NE and PHI have 3 and 2 2nd round picks. Long shot but would love to move back into the twenties and gain some 2nd rounders.

I just had to write this because having a OL of Anthony Davis, Maurkice Pouncey, Max Unger, ?, and Rodger Staffold we would be set at OL for a long time and could build around them with skill players later. 

Let me know what you want the Seahawks to do.