NHL: The Detroit Red Wings Put The Stanley Cup Through Hard Times

Adam GreuelSenior Analyst IJuly 14, 2008

Ever since Lord Stanley of Preston purchased the Stanley Cup back in 1894 for the sum of $48, the Cup has gone through many ups and downs.

The "abuse" all started back in 1905 when the Ottawa Silver Seven demolished the Dawson City Nuggets in a two-game, total-goals Stanley Cup final. To celebrate their victory, the Silver Seven did what most do, they drank through all of the night.

On the walk home, one of the drunk players grabbed hold of the Cup and punted it into the nearby Rideau Canal! Fortunately for the team, the trophy was still there when they realized what they had done after waking up the next morning.

The following year, the Montreal Wanderers defeated the Silver Seven for the Stanley Cup. Just days after winning, the team decided to commemorate the occasion with a team photograph. They took the Cup to a professional studio to have the picture taken.

However, when the players left the studio, they mistakenly forgot the Cup! After months of searching through each players' house, one of them had the idea to check the photographers studio and lo and behold the Cup was there. The photographer was using it for a flower pot.

In 1924, the Montreal Canadiens won their first of what is now an amazing 24 Stanley Cups. After returning home from the last game in Ottawa, the Canadiens' players were to head over to coach Leo Dandurands house for a party. However, several players travelling in the same car were delayed by a flat tire and the Stanley Cup was placed on the road to free up as many of the players hands as possible.

The tire was fixed quickly, but as the players drove off, the Stanley Cup was left there on the side of the road. After arriving at the party, the players were questioned right away on the whereabouts of the Cup.

Realizing their mistake, the players immediately jumped back into the car and drove back to the spot where they left the Cup. Fortunately, the Cup was still there and it was in perfect condition.

Red Kelly was a busy man in 1964. Not only was he a star defenseman for the Toronto Maple Leafs, but he was also a member of parliament for the Liberal Party, representing the people of York West in Ottawa.

The Leafs won the Cup in 1964 and instead of celebrating the win with his teammates, Kelly had to leave right away as he would need to be in Ottawa the next day for a vote.

When Harold Ballard saw Kelly leaving the Cup celebration early, he decided to reward Kelly. Ballard hired a photographer to go to Kelly's house and take pictures of him and his family around the Cup. Kelly was ecstatic, he even placed his baby son in the bowl for the picture. However, when he took his son out of the Cup, the kid left a little present behind!

The Cup has also been to a lot of interesting places. When the Oilers were winning Cup after Cup in the 1980's, they would ensure the cup made its way over to the local strip club in Edmonton. Mark Messier kept this tradition alive when he won it again in 1994 with the New York Rangers.

The Cup has also been to the bottom of two swimming pools—Mario Lemieux's in 1992 and Patrick Roy's in 1996. Steve Yzerman is one of the only players to take a shower with the Cup while Sylvain Lefebvre had his daughter baptized in the holy grail.

This all brings me to this year. Since winning the Cup just over a month ago, the Wings have put it through a lot. It all started at Chris Chelios's restaurant in Detroit where speedy defenseman Brett Lebda dropped the Cup, giving it a huge dent that needed to be hammered out.

After Kyle Quincey, Aaron Downey, Brad Stuart and Dan Cleary all had their days with the Cup, Chris Chelios brought it to his summer home in Malibu. While partying through the night, the Cup was left unattended on the beach near the home of musician Kid Rock. Many passer byers had no clue what it was and it got mistaken as an ash tray.

Finally, Kris Draper though it was a good idea to put his new born child Kamryn Draper into the Cup nude and when she was lifted out, there was a present there for the attendent to clean up.

The Cup has been through many ordeals, but it looks like the Wings are trying to give other championship teams a run for their money in who can do the cup the most damage. Only six players have had the Cup so far. Who knows what else may happen!