Big Ben Still In The Headlines, Still In Trouble

N RContributor IApril 13, 2010

MIAMI - JANUARY 03:  Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger #7 of the Pittsburgh Steelers walks back to the huddle after injuring his shoulder in the fourth quarter against the Miami Dolphins at Land Shark Stadium on January 3, 2010 in Miami, Florida. The Steelers defeated the Dolphins 30-24.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
Doug Benc/Getty Images

Come'on Man. Big Ben was supposed to be out of all trouble after the DA's announcement yesterday. But, he definitely isn't. Ben is reported to meet with the Roger Goodell regarding his recent behavior. And tensions are rising within the Steelers organization, as executives have contacted Ben about his misbehavior.

Ultimately, I see Ben receiving a 3-4 game suspension. Or at least an arrangement for counseling for a period of team. Although I find it hard to believe he will be suspended by the NFL, the possibility of the Steelers sitting him is high. The reason is the organization as a whole is unhappy with Ben's behavior. Keep in mind that he still has a lawsuit pending regarding to actions in Lake Tahoe.

Whether or not that lawsuit goes through or falls, it still tarnishes Ben's reputation. I'm a Steelers fan, but I think it's necessary for Ben to realize what he has done. It essentially is a repeat offense, even though both will probably be dropped.

An interesting point is that throughout the announcement on Monday, the DA constantly referred to the woman as the "victim". This indicates that the DA knows something went down, but like he said, "we [can] only charge crimes...not sins". And Ben's pre-written apology appeared solemn and sincere, but he should not think everything is square from now on.

And Goodell must handle this situation very carefully. A point brought up in PTI was linked to racial prejudice. If Pacman Jones was suspended even if the charges were dropped, then why should Roethilsberger be off the hook? I understand that Jones's actions were legitimately repeat offenses, but it's still a point of discussion. Especially when the majority of NFL players are African-American. There may be a distinction between the actions of both players, and I don't think Goodell would punish Roethlisberger just for his race, but people will definitely talk about this.

Ben should accept whatever is given to him. He is the face of the team, and like a Steelers player reported, "this event will only be a footnote...especially if he wins another championship". Perhaps getting rid of Holmes helps the Steelers now focus only on one player, one issue.