My WWE Draft Predictions: Who Goes Where? Part Three

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My WWE Draft Predictions: Who Goes Where? Part Three
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The Future Endeavors List

Here are the talents which I think will be wished all the best in their future endeavors after the WWE draft.  Only talent seen on tv at one stage or another will be featured. The final pick will be a personal favourite of mine which I think needs to happen but never will....

1) Primo

No creative direction and struggles to make an impact. The writing is on the wall.

2) Kozlov

WWE tried to push him on SD last year but it went badly wrong. Kozlov just doesn't fit WWE's talent mould.

3) Slammaster J/ Jesse

When was the last time he was seen on tv and who cares?

4) Jimmy Wang Yang

Never amounted to anything and never would have since the Cruiserweight Title was made defunct.

5) Katie Lea

Pointless character. Never had any influence on anything really.

6) JTG

WWE normally only keeps one half of a tag team after they split them up. e.g. Renee Dupree from La Resistence, Lance Cade from Cade and Murdoch

7) Mike Knox

WWE creative have nothing for him. Thats usually one of the three strikes for anybody that is let go.

8) A Referee

WWE always leaves a ref go, normally a senior ref even if they rehire them later on.

9) Developmental Talent and Backstage Crew

And finally, the most needed change in WWE history.....

10) The Entire WWE Creative Team

These crowd of retarded frightened monkeys spend there days scratching there heads and cowering in the corner from Vince. Its time WWE got some strong characters who will stand up to VKM. Some fresh ideas might just be the breath of fresh air required to freshen up a very stale product and to push the right stars.

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