Strikeforce: Is Fedor Emelianenko Sailing On A Sinking Ship?

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Strikeforce: Is Fedor Emelianenko Sailing On A Sinking Ship?
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Fedor Emelianenko and M1 Global have been sinking organizations like WW II Japanese submarines downing so many enemy battleships. The problem is that most people think it is just unintentional, well  I am here to tell you different.

Fedor is almost half owner of the M1 Global company—and although fighting in cross-promotional organizations such as AFFLICTION and BODOG may have seemed harmless at the time, I for one think of it as a very cold and calculating move on the part of the Russian organization.

Think about it, if there are companies willing to put up money (that they do not have) —just to sign one fighter, then ask that one or two more fighters join them, isn't that a take over?

M1 Global is slowly ridding the world of the larger more dangerous companies, so that, I believe, in the end it will come down to the UFC and M1 Global, therefore giving Fedor and his crew almost a 50/50 split with the worldwide MMA scene.

Lets face it, DREAM is very unstable, and is already letting there fighters cross promote without getting other company's fighters to come over to there side, meaning one sided trading.

But there is a little company out of the bay area that Fedor and his crew did not count on being the proverbial thorn in their side, STRIKEFORCE.

M1 Global has sent Fedor and Mousasi to fight in the SRIKEFORCE brand, and after two fights Emilianenko is already renegotiating for more money, against a mid level heavy weight in the name of Fabricio Werdum.

M1Global has also lost one of its biggest names in Gegard Mousasi in the process.

I guess that STRIKEFORCE has turned out to be one tough cookie to crack, and I cannot see this—once minuscule, non invasive—fighting company going anywhere but up.

M1 Global took it's best shot and lost, like the poorly run company that it truly is.

Strikeforce has not only benefited from the exposure, it has managed to turn the tables on Fedor and Vlad Finklestien with the free cards on CBS, now everybody has the ability to see that the northern California company has a very reliable and growing stable of good, solid fighters, which makes for great fights.

Of course there will always be the doubters , who will continue to believe that without "the last emperor" the STRIKEFORCE brand will be meaningless, but I am here to tell you that IT WAS A GREAT BUSINESS BEFORE FEDOR—AND WILL CONTINUE LONG AFTER HE HAS MOVED ON , which I fully expect him to do,

Fedor NOW knows that this is one company he cannot run into the ground, "DAMN THOSE AMERICANS!"

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