WWE Monday Night Raw Review: Monday April 12th

Chris O ConnallCorrespondent IIIApril 13, 2010

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 20:  Actor David Hasselhoff arrives at the opening night of 'The Pee-wee Herman Show' in Club Nokia at L.A. Live on January 20, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
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Segment 1) Hoff Intro/Promo

Not as bad as I was expecting. Hoff did a good enough  job not to warrant a Hoff rant. Better to get him out of the way at the start but wait....theres more Hoff to come. I'm puking already.....

Segment Rating: 2.5/5


Segment 2) Eve vs Maryse for the Divas Title

A poor match. Lasted about two minutes. The only reason Eve won is because WWE always have a lower ranked title change hands in the UK. I fully expect Maryse to regain her gold before Extreme Rules or the RAW just after.

Segment Rating: 0.5/5


Segment 3) Showmiz/Harts Promo

The ground shattering announcement is............Showmiz are the greatest tag team of all time! Yeah right. Miz was cutting a really good promo until Mr I'm giving my 200th final farewell address tonight/Bret the Hitman Hart. I thought he was finished with WWE apart from merchandise deals and backstage stuff? Anyway we all knew where it was going.

Segment Rating: 2.5/5


Segment 4) Miz vs David Hart Smith

I was surprised that WWE didn't go for Tyson Kid vs Miz, that would have been a much better match. The crowd wasn't really into this match, it was sloppy in places and was all too predictable. Thanks to the result, Bret will give his 201st farewell address on RAW next week....

Segment Rating: 2/5


Segment 5) Bourne vs Carlito

If only these two were given enough time.... Typical creative team couldn't care less about these two match. However, WWE may have planted the seeds for ending the guest host gimmick(hopefully) with Carlito and Kozlov. On a side note, I've never heard of next weeks hosts. From the promo, they look like actors from a piss take of MacGyver.

Segment Rating : 1/5


Segment 6) Cena vs Otunga

Is Cena learning new moves? Hopefully. Typical match. Predictable finish. Clearly some backstage political crap helping Otunga not to mention his previous media exposure.

Segment Rating: 2/5


Segment 7) Sheamus & Kofi Promos/ Sheamus vs Kofi/ Post match

(I rated these as seperate segments, combined the scores and divided by three to get the segment rating)

Usual stuff from Sheamus. I'm gonna hurt ya fella ect ect. Kingston declares he wants a rematch.

The match was really good for what it was but it should have been given more time. Sheamus got his hand on the rope at literally the last second. Good way to end the match and not make anyone look weak and finally a legitimate reason to DQ somebody.

Typical assault from Sheamus afterwords. Nothing special. Surely HHH wasnt so badly injured that he could make the save with a sledgehammer?

Segment Rating : 3/5


Segment 8) Baywatch Divas Match

Does WWE think that by having two piss poor divas matches that we will forgive them?Another waste of time.  Noticed how popular Santino is in England?!

Segment Rating: 1/5


Segment 9) Orton vs Batista

This was probably one of the most anticipated main events on RAW in a while. Match was a good tv match. Predictable DQ finish with a run in from Swagger and Cena. Where does this leave Edge and Y2J? TLC at Extreme Rules or possibly a  Ladder match?

Segment Rating: 4/5


Final Thoughts:

A really poor RAW tonight apart from one good main event and one ok match between Kofi and Sheamus. Two crap Divas matches. No HHH, no MVP, no Christian, no DiBiase. Why?

Final Rating : 2/5