Dos Caras Jr: Finally Debuting With The WWE!

Yair GalavizCorrespondent IApril 13, 2010

The wait will finally end. As many of you know, the WWE signed Dos Caras Jr to a development contract last year. Usually they send new signings to FCW for 6 months before they debut in WWE TV.

For Dos Caras, it took longer. But not because of his skill, simply due to an injury that knocked him out for a few weeks. Even thought he is a "veteran" wrestler, he was sent to FCW to learn the WWE style.

At first, I thought Dos Caras was going to debut at NXT. I was wrong and Im glad that I was. He debuted with the RAW brand during this international tour.

From the Internet reports, he has wrestled Christian, Evan Bourne and William Regal last night in a dark match before RAW.

Based on those reports, his matches with Christian were among the best of the house shows even thought no one knew who he was.

That speaks volumes for his ability if he was able to wrestle a "match of the night" caliber match as an unknown.

Now, the only problem that I see from his matches was that he was wrestling with no mask. I see that as a negative, specially with the Mexican fans.

If the WWE debuts his character on WWE TV without the mask, that would be a huge blow for the company in Mexico and the backlash would be really bad for business.

The WWE is doing fantastic in Mexico. They have 8 house shows scheduled for May all over the country and its a matter of time before RAW, Smackdown or a PPV is being held in that country.

Back to Dos Caras, based on the timing of his debut and what is coming. I see Dos Caras being drafted in 2 weeks to either RAW or Smackdown. It will all depend on where Rey Mysterio ends up. I would assume Dos Caras goes to RAW and Rey Mystery stays on Smackdown. They can have a match down the line or team up for the tag team titles. But not so soon.

Dos Caras is here and it will be a very exciting few weeks. I can only hope that they keep the mask on for their own good.