The BIG BENjamins: Why Goodell MUST Bust Roethlisberger

Jabber HeadSenior Analyst IApril 13, 2010

I'm intentionally writing this approximately 90 minutes prior to the meeting between Roger Goodell and Ben Roethlisberger. I have no sourced knowledge of what will occur during or after that meeting, but I have a strong opinion of what SHOULD and WILL happen.

Big Ben should be and will be disciplined...

Because he's guilty!

Of course, he has not been and will not be charged with any crime. Neither I or anyone likely to read this knows whether he committed a crime.

So, what is he guilty of? Why should he be busted by the NFL and/or the Steelers?

The answer lies in the same realm that got...and no one argues with...Tiger Woods busted by his endorsement sponsors.

Big Ben is guilty of "tarnishing the shield" of the NFL...the multi-billion dollar shield of the NFL!

You doesn't matter to "the shield" that Big Ben is not guilty of rape or sexual assault. It matters, however, to "the shield" that he is guilty of at least the following...

-Supplying a minor (age 20 = beneath Georgia's legal drinking age) with alcohol.
-Taking sexual advantage (at whatever level) of a drunken college digger...victim...whatever.
-Engaging in sexual "adventures" in a night club bathroom.
-Being repetitively stupid!

A plethora of men find none of the above wrong. To the contrary, many if not most men find Big Ben's actions something to aspire to. After all...he's a single guy, out partying, getting drunk, supplying females with drinks, and either getting laid or the next best thing to it.

But Roger Goodell isn't Commissioner of the National Men Are Dogs League. He's the Commissioner of the NFL with its cadre of multi-billion dollar sponsors and diverse spread of fans.

The NFL is a serious business, not a college fraternity or a men's club.

Mister Goodell cannot risk the NFL's sponsors and fans punishing the NFL the way Tiger Woods caused himself and golf to be punished. That's why it's imperative that he discipline Big Ben swiftly and decisively.

In a nutshell, now that it's no longer about the law, it's about the BIG BENjamins!

Reg DeVone is co-owner/admin: Sports Jabber.

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