Big Ben Is a Big Disgrace

John HatelakContributor IApril 13, 2010

Up until yesterday I didn't really pay attention to the details of this incident.

For one, I'm a Bear fan so I'm currently encompassed in all things Bears at the moment. Two, I wanted to wait till the conclusion of the investigation, and wait until all the facts were gathered, recorded, and available before I formed any kind of conclusive opinion on the matter. 

Well, I did review all the facts, and I was horrified when I did. The incident's details sound hauntingly familiar to the Kobe Bryant one a few years back in Colorado. I was equally horrified then. 

This is just another case of the rich, famous, and powerful getting away with a crime.

In this case, a violent evil crime. A crime that would be deserving of a beating, and then a long stint to the gray bar hotel. Unfortunately it's right there for them to slither away relatively unscathed, because of a corrupt legal system set up for the rich, and powerful by the rich, and powerful. 

The first time I actually felt outrage about this story is when I heard Georgia District Attorney Fred Bright mention the request of the family (via letter) to not pursue it, because they're 20-year-old daughter was too distraught to be able to testify on the stand.

Some cynical observers will immediately say pay off! Perhaps. We'll see if there's a civil suit to follow. Being a father of a 7 year old girl, I couldn't help put myself in place of the victim's father. If I could have prosecuted him and sent him to jail I'm pretty sure I'd get paid in a civil suit after, so that argument is as stupid as it is unlikely.   

My take is that there's no way that they felt they could nail this disgrace of a human being, because of a lack of DNA evidence. So why put their beloved little girl through this for naught. This proved to be the correct choice by the DA's unwillingness to take the case to court well after the letter was written. I'm sure they're going to pursue this matter in civil court.

Then when I saw Big Ben, the rapist, "sorry I mean alleged rapist," make a statement, I wanted to jump through the screen, and, "as they say in my old neighborhood," ball bat him!

The fact he said he wanted to be a role model for kids, and all the rest of the spin control garbage he spewed made me physically ill inside. It was a combination of nausea, and hateful anger. The God bless at the end really killed me. If ever there was a face that screamed punch me as hard as you can, it was his at that very moment.

When I hear Bright's statements, I have no doubt he feels a crime was committed, but is powerless to pursue it further. Bright said that  "significant questions ... persist", but they just don't have enough evidence. Not even for probable cause.

Now it's been confirmed that the rapist, excuse me alleged rapist, was bar hopping with his handlers, described as his party and ran into the victims party several times. The victim was described as heavily intoxicated, and the conversation was of a sexual flirtatious nature. We've all been to bars and clubs, so we know how this works. That isn't a crime. But taking a woman sexually against her will in, as Bright described, "a small dingy bathroom", is! 

The thing that's really upsetting about this is if he had been patient, and treated the girl with a little dignity, and respect, he probably would have gotten what he was after, with her full consent. Just because a pretty young girl talks dirty to you doesn't entitled you to have sex with her!  

Now, when she went to the hospital after her assault (rape) they examined her, but they didn't have enough trace DNA evidence to use as evidence to prosecute. The frustrating thing about this is for those of us who can't afford dream team lawyers, we probably wouldn't have been able to use that as an out.  So in this case, money does buy happiness. For him anyway.

They did find her vagina bruised and lacerated though. I guess that happened when she slipped and fell, according to the alleged assailant. What a joke. 

Well the star quarterback has a big meeting with Roger Goodell today. If anything less then a 4 game suspension occurs, the commissioner (who has done a good job with disciplinarian action on league rule violators, and criminals in past incidents) will no longer have credibility to me.

I feel anything short of a full year without pay isn't enough, but without a conviction or proof, it probably ties Goodell's hands. I understand that, but this is the second allegation tied to him, and we are talking about rape. This would suggest  that there's a pattern of habitual behavior. Thus, this needs to be dealt with by handing down severe consequence. 

In closing, I know all those who plan on defending the scum bag will point to the victims role in this, by flirting and getting involved with him in the bathroom, which is valid. She should have known better, and I in no way feel that she's some innocent little naive virgin. But she obviously wanted whatever was going on to stop, and he didn't. That's the bottom line to me here. Put it back in your pants and zip it up punk! No means no!  Even to star super bowl winning quarterbacks, believe it or not.