The Packers Simply Need Ted to Be Ted

JD KrugerCorrespondent IIApril 12, 2010

GREEN BAY, WI - JULY 28: General Manager Ted Thompson of the Green Bay Packers watches as his team works out during summer training camp on July 28, 2008 at the Hutson Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Ted Thompson defines what the Packers Organization looks for in a General Manager. He loves to horde draft selections, and remains extremely conservative in his Free Agent and Off-season dealings. Not only does Thompson prefer a younger team, but if he feels an aging veteran is even close to decline... He will part ways with them long before they run out of gas to get younger and potentially save a few bucks against the cap.

After years of following this archetype as the Packers General Manager, Ted applied tactics in the 2009 NFL Draft that he has never done previously. He traded back into the 1st Round to acquire Outside Linebacker from USC, Clay Matthews III

When NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell came to the podium on that fateful April day to make the announcement, I was in in shock. My jaw, on the floor at this point, had literally dropped.

I am not sure how you could possibly be upset by the these new tactics, especially after seeing the results and impact of the selection firsthand.

But whatever the Packers brass has determined to be positional needs on the team is not of concern to me nearly as much as getting more opportunities.

The 2010 NFL Draft is as loaded with talent as we have seen in a very long time. With an NFL Rookie Cap becoming more and more of a reality, players are scrambling to enter this years draft to cash in like no rookie has before them and like no rookie will after them.

With the excessive amount of talent in this years draft, you can deductively assume that next years class will be rather depleted.

For this reason... I plea my case to Ted Thompson. Do not get infatuated with anyone with the 23rd Selection. As well as Clay Matthews worked out, I would rather not take that risk in such a loaded draft class.

There are more players with 1st Round grades than there are selections. Instead, it would be wise for Thompson to look for a draft day partner and move out of the 1st to acquire extra selections in the 2nd and 3rd Rounds.

The Packers are not desperately in need of a starter at any position. You could argue that they need to look for another OLB... A 3rd Down / Situational RB... Offensive Tackles... But I digress.

Brad Jones played above any expectations of him, coming into the league as a Rookie 7th Round Selection from Colorado. His development has just begun. The Packers are also in need of a 3rd Down Back, but backs are a dime a dozen... As can be proven by the acquisition of starting RB, Ryan Grant. Offensive Tackle is definitely a need, but with the signings of Tauscher and Clifton should be enough of a stop-gap to allow for us to take a non-1st Round selection and allow him to grow into his own at the position.

Instead... The Packers should be looking to draft the best player available at said positions in hopes to find great depth, and possible find a diamond in the rough.

In my mind... There is only one thing that the Packers need accomplish in this draft to be deemed a success.

Simply put...

Ted Thompson needs to be Ted Thompson.