What Ever Happened to the Gold Standard?

Joel GarciaContributor IIApril 12, 2010

Hey guys,

Here is my third article on The BEST Athlete in the WWE. 

Like I mentioned in my previous article about the...*sigh* jobber Kane, here is another wonderful talent that has gone to waste.

I don't freaking understand why the WWE (Vince McMahon) is making little use with an athlete like Shelton.

Heck, I don't even know why he is even called The Gold Standard (is he called The Gold Standard because of his yellow/golden hair. THAT IS SO STUPID!!!) if he doesn't even have any belts around his waist.

I can't even remember the last time he was given a title. When was the last time he was given a decent storyline?

The only one I can remember from recent memory is when he used to wheelchair his kafabe (fake) mother (played by comedian Thea Vidale) around.

If there was another storyline after that, that was decent (except for the RVD intercontinental thing) I am sorry I can't remember because the storyline was probably not very good.

What I do remember from the classic Shelton Benjamin is the all-time great match between him and the all time Legend that is HBK Shawn Michaels. Especially this part.

What I really want to know is when is Shelton Benjamin going to be used in a good worthy storyline instead of being used as a jobber. GIVE HIM A TITLE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!

I don't think it is that hard to do. He is The Gold Standard for a reason, damn it. I don't know why he has not left to go to TNA.

I am sure Dixie Carter would make good use of his talent and not waste it like Rich Uncle Pennybags Vince McMahon.

Just needed to vent out a little frustration and write this article on Shelton Benjamin,   The Most Wasted Talent in WWE.

Leave your comments and tell me what you think, agree/disagree completely up to you.

Peace All, :D