How To Save Big East Football: Part One

Phutger GoinContributor IApril 12, 2010

     With rumors spreading like wildfire about the Big Ten and the Pac-10 expanding, the Big East is in jeopardy. Teams are exploring options for greener pastures and bigger paydays. The Big East has to also expand to keep up with the other BCS conferences before the smaller conferences ( Mountain West, WAC, and Conference USA) catches up to them. In this two part segment we are going to see what teams can help the Big East survive barring the Big Ten swiping any Big East teams and for the Big East having there own championship game. With these four teams the Big East should be competitive with the other conferences in a short time.

     UCF- The Knights would bring an instant rivalry with USF for the fourth best Florida schools and open a bigger pipeline in the state of Florida. It would also bring athletes from Georgia and Alabama to the Big East which needs more athletes in the conference.

     Marshall - The Herd would bring another rivalry to the Big East, in which it share the same state as West Virginia. To add fuel to the rivalry Marshall's new coach was part of last year's staff at West Virginia and this years recruiting class saw some of West Virginia's recruits leave West Virginia to sign with Marshall. Finally it could start a new rivalry with Pitt and open pipelines into Virginia and North Carolina.

     East Carolina - The Pirates are an up and coming program that can play with the big boy on any given Saturday. With the Pirates, it would secure pipelines into both North Carolina and South Carolina, plus open more pipelines into Virginia, Tennessee, and possibly Alabama.

     Miami of Ohio- The Redhawks would bring one of the oldest rivalry to the Big East when it faces the Bearcats once a year and also put a stronger pipeline into Ohio and eastern Pennsylvania. The Redhawks could also tap into Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

      These teams could make the Big East stronger than it is now in just a couple of years. The championship game could be played in a big market city to help add more revenue such as Yankee Stadium in New York City. Next week we'll look into another scenario that could also help the Big East blossom in another way, stay tune.