Hey Rick Pitino, Justin Coleman Is the Band-Aid To Louisville's Problem

DeAnte MitchellCorrespondent IApril 12, 2010

ROSEMONT, IL - FEBRUARY 20: Head coach Rick Pitino of the Louisville Cardinals gives instructions to his team during a game against the DePaul Blue Demons at the Allstate Arena on February 20, 2010 in Rosemont, Illinois. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

You know in the NBA when a team acquires a player that scouts or management think is overrated? Or possibly even second-guess acquiring a player due to his off-court issues?

Well think of that but in this instance it’s a high-school prospect and his off-the-court issues scared most college basketball programs away.

Well despite his off the court issues, he still had the trust of Louisville’s coach Rick Pitino. Rick Pitino has always had an eye for talent, and watching this kid Coleman could not keep him away.

Think about it like this—if Coleman was not in so much trouble off the court, there would have been more coaches than Pitino interested in the 6’5’’ shooting guard out of Richmond, Va.

Coleman is a special player. He is not the greatest shooter from the outside but if you get him going in the mid-range game, he can shoot lights out. He likes to float the ball in the lane a lot, and although he may do it, his first option is to get to the rim.

What I like most about Coleman is his aggression.

He is the type of player that is looking to throw one down on you every chance he gets. Meaning that he plays above the rims, and doesn’t shy away from contact.

He finishes strong at the rim, and never puts it up soft. He always follows his shot as if he misses everyone—this is why he can snatch down a lot of offensive boards.

His defense could use some work. He doesn’t use his long arms and muscular frame to his advantage. He could just as well be an all-around player if Pitino curbs him with his coaching. 

In the Derby Classic he was showcasing his leaping ability. He can go up and get the ball off an alley-oop or simply throw one down as if it was a layup.

Many college basketball programs got to witness what they passed on. Coleman was not the brightest star but he did do enough to prove to those that passed on him that his game is great no matter what.

So a recruiting steal is what I am going to call it. Coleman is a great player with a great feel for the game of basketball. 

Coleman has that scoring mentality and once he gets a few baskets down, he is on a roll.

That was something that this Louisville backcourt lacked this season. The most precise word to use to describe the backcourt or even Louisville this season would be, inconsistent.

You would see Edgar Sosa show up to play and lead the team to victory. Then again the next game or probably after that, you would witness a total meltdown and it wasn't just Sosa, it was the whole Louisville team as a whole.

I am not saying Coleman is the answer for the problems but he can definitely help fix it. 

In his entire high school career I never saw an inconsistent effort from Coleman. If he can come in and continue to stay consistent with his offense, there is no doubt in my mind that Louisville got the biggest steal in this recruiting class.

Do not get too happy yet though. Justin Coleman is not eligible to play yet and his outside jumper needs a lot of work. Something is telling me that these college basketball teams aren’t going to let him in the paint whenever he pleases.

Coleman should be in the gym working on his three-point shot, as well as his free-throw shooting. 

His footwork and ball-handling also could use some attention but other than that, when he is eligible, Louisville has one heck of a freshman.