Arsenal: 2010-2011. What We Need: Goalkeeper.

Andor TraelandContributor IApril 12, 2010

In this article I will try to present to you what I believe we need to achieve success in the 2010-2011 season.

To kick it all of, I'll start with the goalkeeper. Throughout the last two years it has become clearer and clearer that Manuel Almunia, Arsenals current number 1, is not good enough for a team challenging for titles on a regular basis. Most recently he may have cost us the league title, with a huge mistake in the 93'rd minute against Birmingham, causing us to draw the match. Every Arsenal supporter in the world was calling for him to be dropped, and rightly so. I'll have a quick go and look at the potential candidates to replace the spaniard.

1: If I could pick one keeper, I would pick Craig Gordon. As of lately he's been putting up man of the match perfomances for Sunderland very frequently, and has shown himself to be quality. He's young and he would come cheap, at least he won't be as expensive as alot of the other options.
What might put us off is the pricetag, seeing as how Sunderland bought him for around £10 million total. I expect him to cost around £15-£17 million at least. Another thing is that in the past he has been playing second fiddle in Sunderland at times, mainly because he made alot of mistakes. Other positive things is that the man said before his transfer to Sunderland that he would love to play for Arsenal, and he doesn't seem to fancy Jermain Defoe much.

2: Igor Akinfeev.
To be honest I don't know much about the russian, other then what I've seen in the champions league and some youtube videos.
I won't go into the details as I don't know that much about him, although everywhere he goes he receives praise, I've still noticed that he's got some faults to his game. He's relatively weak in the box, but that's about all I've noticed, otherwise he seems like a very solid goalkeeper.
What will must likely put us off (and it should, as Gordon is a better alternative) is his pricetag. CSKA don't need the money, and it's likely that for him to go a club would most likely have to pay £20 million ++.

3: David James.
He's cheap(I can already see Wenger grinning), he's experienced, he's old and a fairly decent goalkeeper. That's the pros, and you might ask yourself why it's a pro that he's old? Well because we have two of the brightest goalkeeping talents in the world in our squad in Tech 9 and Mannone, and I would very much like to see either one of them (pref Tech 9) get a decent amount of playing time next season.
Now to the cons.
He's prone to making mistakes.
That's the only con as I see it, all though that's a huge one. And I believe that he should only be signed if one of the two other doesn't come.

I will continue this series of articles soon. Coming up are the centerbacks.