How To Save Jobbers From Jobbing

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How To Save Jobbers From Jobbing
Gaye Gerard/Getty Images

Its simple.

Give Kane the intercontinental championship.How?Drew mcintire is already feuding with matt hardy so its not even possible,right?WRONG-O!

You Just have hardy win it and feud with Kane.After hes done with mcintire of course.
Think about it.

We're always complaining about how Evan bourne,Chaco Guerrero,or Shelton benjamin aint gettin a shot.Lets give Kane a shot.Then have him feud with all of those guys.

Think about that!Chaco guerrero vs Evan Bourne At wrestlemania For the intercontinental championship!

That would be one for the record books!
Reversals Here,there and everywhere!High spots included!

How awesome would it be to have Evan in a FEUD?!?
Hes never been in one!(No i do NOT count his "Feud" With jack swagger in ECW)
 Hed work great promos soon after because of his mic skill tuning in that feud!He soesnt even have to WIN it!

All that matters is hes being used to his potential!

Now on to chaco guerrero.Hed be in a feud that didnt include hornswogle or a Tuxedo match.Hed be used to full potential and would have great matches with former jobbers,like shelton benjamin,Evan Bourne(See above),and Matt hardy.

And last but yet is the best among jobbers...SHELTONNNN BENJAMAAAAAAAAAAAAN!
He has all it takes except mic skills,which he would be working on in promos.
Like the Two above he would have great matches with various superstars and could end up in the second best intercontinental championship.

And all of this could happen  with the draft on the horizon.

Ladies and gentleman,Seacrest has left the Building(We'll miss you Shawn! <:()

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