Drafts for Drama

Steve TerryAnalyst IJuly 14, 2008

"Hold the Press!" I have something to say about this move— another General Manager of the Leafs has screwed up!

With talented players that could be traded for with all the cap space being taken up, you would think, if you would trade a draft pick away, you would make it worthwhile.

Cliff Fletcher trades away the draft pick that the Leafs got for Hal Gill.

With a deeply talented drafting coming next year and the rebuilding of a team in turmoil, you’d think that keeping drafts would be wiser than trading them away.


We needed another tough guy that has no offensive support on a team without offense.

The Leafs will have no hope of scoring goals next year if their offense does not spruce up a bit.

Ryan Hollweg is definitely not the answer.

Hollweg had two goals and two assists in seventy games last year and had 96 minutes in the penalty box.

The Leafs need a little toughness at the beginning of the season, but Jamal Mayers was supposed to be the answer for that— only costing a draft pick for him as well.

With more toughness and a team made only for defense, how would the Leafs improve with no more drafts?

This team is destined for another awful five years.

Toronto is just trading their drafts for players that will be thrown around in the media as mistakes.

Here we go again: more drama in T.O.