Douglas Crosby Defends His BJ Penn vs Frankie Edgar Scorecard from UFC 112

Ken FossAnalyst IApril 12, 2010

On Saturday, Douglas Crosby tried desperately to become persona-non-grata at UFC 112 by turning in the most laughably horrific scorecard in MMA history. Well, then Anderson Silva went and kicked over his applecart.

Now in a desperate attempt to wrestle back some shred of professional credibility, he has turned to the ever-popular Underground forums in an attempt to put the toothpaste back in the tube.

"So...Just returned from Abu Dhabi, and I haven't been in my duplex more than 20 minutes, when the Doorman calls me on the intercom in a state of panic," posted the embattled official. "Seems there are hundreds of moaning, howling ghouls in "RVCA" and "Prodigy/Hilo Boy" T-shirts surrounding the building like extras from 'Zombieland'..."

I see now, Dougie boy, the error of my ways are so clear to me now. This hate I've had for Penn was all a cover, an elaborate hoax, to conceal my undying love for him. Obviously this is why I scored the bout a 48-48 draw. Please continue to enlighten me to your endless incite.

"It is a Judge's obligation to interpret the fight and use the criteria as guidelines. But a fight is an observed event that does require interpretation, observation, wisdom. I've mentioned numerous times on other threads that the scoring criteria exist for a reason, just like the 10-point 'must' system exists for a reason; and that the scoring criteria are guidelines within which Judges arrive at a decision on a round-by-round basis."

E. Judging Criteria
1. Judges are required to determine the winner of a bout that goes to it's full time limit based upon
the following criteria:
-Clean Strikes
-Effective Grappling
-Octagon Control
-Effective Aggressiveness

You mean the ones I used? The Unified Rules of MMA, written by the Nevada State Athletic Commission with the help of the MMA messiah himself "Big" John McCarthy? Or the ones told to you by that fictional doorman you have, that only speaks to you when you're off your medication?

Based on the rules I follow, the Unified Rules, Clean Striking judges the “effect” of strikes. What that means basically is whose punches are landing cleaner and with more velocity.

While the trick of judging this category is finding the proper balance between volume, and effectiveness. Here the debate is moot, as BJ out-threw, AND was landing harder more effective punches in rounds one and two, at minimum. This is undeniable.

The only logical conclusion I can draw is, he's either brain dead, and doesn't understand the difference, or he was seduced by Frankie's pace and ring movement. It must have sucked Mr. Crosby right in. But that's not how you win fights.

However that's not to say it wasn't important. As it goes towards the Octagon Control aspect of scoring,  in what was basically a boxing match, control really shouldn't effect the outcome all that much. When their was more than enough punches being thrown to outweigh this category.

In short, you're a moron. He wasn't done there, unfortunately.

"In my considered opinion, Edgar dictated the tone of the fight, successfully implemented and executed a strategy, landed better strikes, and basically outworked Penn."

Ok, Houston Alexander had the same exact strategy versus Kimbo. Did Houston Alexander win that fight? No, because those judges know what the hell they're doing—unlike you, apparently.

"I re-watched the fight in my hotel in Abu Dhabi and saw nothing that would influence me to score it any differently."

That right there shoots down the "blame all judging ills on bad cage angles."

"I support and encourage your right to criticize my scoring. And I forgive you for your attacks of both a professional, and, regrettably, personal nature."

That's fantastic. You're—still—an—imbecile, whose ignorance actually overshadowed the fact Andy Roberts was only slightly less horrid on the night. Congratulations.