UFC 112: Biggest Winner Also Biggest Loser

Tony PrestonCorrespondent IApril 11, 2010

Frankie Edgar pulled a major upset in taking the title from BJ Penn at UFC 112. Edgar was was given almost no shot at winning the title; on some betting websites he was a +550 underdog.
Edgar was seen as a small lightweight who should consider a cut to featherweight and go to the UFC's sister promotion the WEC.

Penn was considered to be so dominate that it was only a matter of time before he once again decided to move up to welterweight and try to earn the title there as well. Kenny Florian and Diego Sanchez were seen as far better competition than Edgar and neither of them could go the distance with Penn.

Even though almost no one gave him a chance Edgar used a solid gameplan of sticking and moving and utilized his speed advantage to dart in and out of range to frustrate the champion. After the third round Penn looked frustrated and confused, as if he wasn't sure how to counter Edgar any longer. And at the end of five rounds Edgar won the UFC lightweight title by unanimous decision.

This should be the biggest story coming out of UFC 112, but there are two things that take away for Edgar's win.

First, there was the instant controversy over the 50-45 score given by one of the judges. I thought that the first three rounds were close and could go either way I gave one and two to Penn and three to Edgar. The fourth and fifth however I saw were clearly Edgar's giving him the fight 48-47. Also people were quick to jump on the "to be the champ you have to beat the champ" bandwagon. In my mind that is a saying created in boxing to explain away horrible decisions where the champion won.

The other storyline which is the one that not only takes from Edgar's win but also overshadows it is Anderson Silva's antics. This is a same story different day scenario. Once again he faced an opponent he did not feel was worthy of his "greatness." Therefore instead of trying to finish the fight he went out there and clowned around and did enough to win the decision while upsetting the fans and the UFC.

Frankie Edgar pulled the major upset at UFC 112 by beating beating BJ Penn. The fact that one judge scored the bout 50-45 or the fact that once again Anderson Silva chose to clown around instead of fight should not detract from the real story the new UFC lightweight champion is Frankie "The Answer" Edgar.