UFC 112: My Take

Jake SauickieCorrespondent IApril 11, 2010

NEW YORK - MARCH 24:  Dana White, president of the UFC, speaks at a press conference for UFC 111 at Radio City Music Hall on March 24, 2010 in New York City.  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images


After watching and being thoroughly disappointed with the Main Card of UFC 112 last night, I had my thoughts on what happens next to the six main fighters that were on this card.

Anderson Silva fights both Vitor Belfort and Chael Sonnen and if he puts on another performance like last night, he should be forced to give up his title at middleweight and permanantly fight at light heavyweight.

Demain Maia should be released from the UFC since he is just another Thales Leites.

Frankie Edgar is the Lightweight Champion. He won the fight, but he didn't beat the champion.

BJ Penn did lose the fight, but he didn't look like his normal self.

Renzo Gracie has expressed interest in moving down th lightweight and should do so.

Matt Hughes needs to retire.

Anderson Silva is the pound for pound best in the world.

He has fought welterweight, middleweight, light heavyweight and has expressed an interest in fighting at heavyweight. But with the joke he is turning into, he should be ripped on more.

I used to like Silva when he joined the UFC. Why? Because he came to fight and when he fought, he finished fights. Like Dana White said in the post fight press conference, "Anderson has disgraced the sport."

I also agree with Dana White's statement about the middleweight king. "I'd rather people didn't buy the pay per view because he finished guys too quick, rather than being a jackass."

If Anderson doesn't finish his next two opponents at middleweight and doesn't fight St. Pierre, I'm done with him and the rest of the fight world should be too.

Demian Maia is another Thales Leites. He's a Jiu Jitsu Ace and nothing else. For fighting like he did against Silva, flopping to the mat, waving his arms at Silva like he was fighting the entire time, he should be released from the UFC and never be invited back.

Frankie Edgar is a good fighter. I have a lot of repsect for him and he deserves a lot of respect from the rest of the MMA world for winning against BJ Penn.

If you watched the fight like everyone else I know, you can clearly see that Edgar was the better fighter. He was moving around like a jumping bean, had quicker hands and some good takedowns. Edgar deserves the lightweight title for winning the fight, but he didn't beat the champion.

Edgar will most likely defend his title against either Gray Maynard or Kenny Florian. But if that doesn't happen, I get the feeling it will be Penn who gets an immediate rematch.

BJ Penn is without a doubt the best fighter at lightweight in the world. But yesterday he lost his crown to the new champion from the Jersey Shore, Frankie Edgar.

As a BJ Penn fan, I never thought in a million years Penn would lose to anyone at lightweight, let alone Frankie Edgar. I give Edgar all the credit in the world for defeating Penn, but he didn't beat him.

I won't take anything away from Edgar because he did win, but you have to admit, Penn didn't look like his normal self. He look tired, fat, and didn't speak that much when he was in his corner. Penn has a few options here, and moving to welterweight isn't one of them.

He can have fights with some up and coming lightweights like Kenny Florian, Gray Maynard or Tyson Griffin... or, if what was just a bad performance on Penn's part, he'll be calling for an immediate rematch against Edgar.

As for Renzo Gracie, the talks of moving to lightweight are the best idea for him. Years ago, he could have been the best welterweight in the world, but with these natural 200+ pound guys cutting to welterweight, it really isn't safe for Renzo anymore. He fought a good fight against Hughes, but now, lightweight is the smartest move for him.

Matt Hughes is without a doubt one of the best welterweight champions of all time. His record says it all. But his time is passed and he should retire.

He can't hang with the big boys anymore and it would be wise for him to just retire once his contract is up and just remain a coach to his training partners or possibly become a commentator for the sport.

UFC 112 was a major disappointment for me, but some of the undercard fighters  showed some real talent. Guys like Phil Davis and Mark Munoz.

I hope the next card is better with Machida vs. Shogun Two. I'm pulling for Shogun Rua this time.