Anderson Silva Is A "Sore Winner"?!

joshua wrizarContributor IApril 11, 2010

CHICAGO- OCTOBER 25: Anderson Silva talks to fans after he won the Middleweight Title Bout at UFC's Ultimate Fight Night at Allstate Arena on October 25, 2008 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)
Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

 For starters this will be my first article on "Bleacher Report" so excuse if it isn't that good;but I felt like I've wanted to write on something but was afraid especially in the field of MMA. I've only started watching a few months ago but I'm totally addicted. Imma stop and get on to my article.

"I remember thinking a good fighter would win all five rounds by decision, a great fighter would finish this guy right now", these words were spoke by BJ Penn in a Pre-fight interview for UFC 112. BJ Penn in my opinion is absolutely RIGHT! Yesterday afternoon I decided to treat myself and order UFC 112, mostly because I was excited to see Anderson Silva fight. As Anderson Silva is one of my favorite fighters to see strictly because his striking ability is astounding and seeing him physically dissect his opponent is pure art. When it was time to see Silva fight i didn't expect anything else but to be astounded however at the end of the fight I was left feeling other emotions. The fight was astounding but it was also confusing and very humorous. From the first round to the middle of the third Anderson was on fire striking and avoiding the "Suicidal-Dive" take downs of Maia. This is where I found myself laughing at Anderson. He looked so calm and careless before the fight and he bought that attitude into the octagon. Silva jerking forward,flapping his arms, and running around the ring. For those who didn't see the fight you should really see it just to see how much fun Anderson was having. As funny as that was there's a thin line between taunting to get in your opponents head and flat out disrespect. That's what Anderson was last night flat out disrespectful. In the third to fifth round Anderson was stalking Maia but seemed content with just standing in front of him waiting for Maia to hit. Joe Rogan even suspected that Silva was gasses looking back at the fight I think thats exactly what Silva was. The Fifth round is when I lifted my gaze off of Silva and focused on Maia and this is where I became frustrated. At this point Maia had done absolutely nothing to give him a lead in the scores. Sure he connected with some shots but that would do nothing to even threaten Silva. I found myself screaming at Maia at this point he was going for broke what else is there to lose when you've already lost. But no Maia did nothing nothing to help his cause thus the fight ending with Silva wining by majority decision. I found myself angry at Silva for not ending the fight when he easily could have, angry at Maia for not fighting back, and a lil angry at Dana White for not providing Silva with a worthy opponent. Don't get me wrong I respect Maia and his credentials but not one fighter in the middle-weight division can even compete on the same level as Silva. I'm gonna try to sum up the rest of my article quickly with 3 questions and the answer to my headline.

1.Why was Anderson Silva toying with Maia?

Anderson in the post fight interview said he felt he had to punish him, he felt Maia disrespected him as a fighter before the event.

2.Who does Dana White think is next for Silva?

Dana was asked in an interview how the fans are interested in two names that Silva should fight. Brock Lesnar and Georges St. Pierre. When asked which one he was interested in Dana replied "Anderson dos'nt interest me right now..He doesn't deserve to fight GSP" 

3.Is Anderson going to be punished?

This isn't the first time Dana has been upset over Anderson's performance he had said he was going to talk Silva bout his performance could this also be a talk about his role in the UFC? well have to see 

4. Is Anderson Silva a sore winner?