66 Puts Woods in Green Jacket, But Can't Fill The Void

Tony TuckerCorrespondent IApril 11, 2010

AUGUSTA, GA - APRIL 09:  Tiger Woods sits at the green jacket presentation before presenting Mickelson with the green jacket for winning The Masters at the Augusta National Golf Club after the final round on April 9, 2006 in Augusta, Georgia.  Mickelson won with the score seven under.  (Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images)
Andrew Redington/Getty Images


Tiger Woods enters the final round of the Master four shots behind Lee Westwood and three shots behind Phil Mickelson.

Given the four month layoff and the Ringling Brothers Circus, Tiger's life has been over the last four months, anything short of a total collapse will be impressive.

The third round was definitely Mickelson’s day to shine going Eagle, Eagle, and Bridie on 13, 14, and 15.  Westwood’s third round was impressively steady as he played through the thunderous cheers from ahead.

Woods putter seemed to be similar to his recent off course activity straying right and left all day.

Does Tiger have a legitimate shot at winning the Masters? What is the magic number to post?  Would this have any impact on his tarnished reputation?

An All Around New Tiger

Tiger expressed that he would try to be a different player on the course by not throwing clubs and watching his tongue.  Woods behavior hasn’t been “nun” like, as the microphones caught him saying “Damn it” a few times; Woods did manage to avoid any reported F-Booms.

We can’t expect an obviously, extremely troubled man to change over night.  Hopefully Tiger has started with ending the world-wide-pimping and signed up for a Drivers-Ed course.

The knock on Tiger is that he has never come from behind to win a major event. 

A telling stat on Mickelson from ESPN after the third round – (Phil has never won a major when entering Sunday’s action in second place).

So if Mickelson hasn’t done it before, why am I supposed to think tomorrow will be any different for him than for Woods?

If one of them is going to deliver their first ever come from behind victory, I’ll bet on the new refocused Tiger.

What’s the Number Needed

Westwood, although he is playing some tremendous golf, he also tends to choke like pimply faced freshmen on the varsity team.  I expect to see Westwood fold up like a piece of patio furniture and play an even round of golf.

Mickelson gave us some thrilling moments on Saturday.  I can’t help but feel as though luck was on his side.  Michael Jordan didn’t bank his career on half court buzzer beaters.

As sad as it would be, I think Phil will shoot over par on the back nine and possibly for the round.

As the sun was fading Woods headed to the putting green to fix what was ailing his performance on Saturday. 

Not only are majors the reason Tiger plays golf, but this one is in particularly important to help him making a statement.  Tiger wants to let people know, that his off the course life may be in ruins, but his golf game is still second to none.

I feel that Woods will shot a 66 and at worst end up in a playoff with Westwood.

All that’s left is Elin

Last years tournament was a snoozer without Tiger or Phil having a real shot at sporting the green jacket.  When Tiger is in the mix headed into Sunday golf fans want one of two things, Tiger to win or anyone to tame the Tiger.

Fans have met him with very generous receptions, which was much to my surprise.  There hasn’t been one disrespectful fan outburst towards Tiger reported yet. 

Surprising, but understandable, it's not like Tiger is the only professional athlete we cheer for out there messing with strange women.

Tiger could prove even further to all golf fans how superior he is over the rest of the field with a come from behind win at the Masters.

Just because a large majority of golf fans have forgiven him for being a man-whore, means very little.  The one fan who won't forgive Tiger, whose memory can't be erased by major victories is his wife, Elin.

The problem will be when Tiger gets fitted for his fifth green jacket; he will finally realize the magnitude of his actions when none of his loved ones are there.  Woods can fill the trophy case, but can’t fill the void left by his wife and children.


I will be covering the final round on my pod cast at Genxxl.com on Wed, April 14th.