WWE's Current World Heavyweight Champion Is a Joke!

David BowstonContributor IApril 11, 2010

Now I know some of the hardcore members of the internet wrestling community will be on my back about this because of course they are all incredibly knowledgeable and have never been wrong about anything.

As I watched the latest edition of Friday Night Smackdown, I couldn't believe it that the World Heavyweight Champion was in the first match of the night if I can remember correctly, surely the World Heavyweight Champion should be the top guy on his show, main event status should be no question.

After getting destroyed by Randy Orton on Raw I couldn't believe that Swagger had been thrown into a pointless match at the beginning of the night.

Now this match was completely carried by John Morrison.

Let me write this as if I wasn't a Morrison fan (have no sense of wrestling whatsoever)

Jack Swagger just didn't seem like he wanted to be there, he was lazy, slow, and overall boring to watch, and Morrison's expression looked as though he was frustrated by Swagger's willingness to co-operate.

Maybe Swagger was pissed that he was being used so stupidly, or maybe and more likely he just doesn't work hard enough.

Towards the end of the match he took a move from Morrison completely wrong, then, lying on the mat, jumped into another position to take a knee to the face.

He showed a complete lack of enthusiasm and in my opinion the title should be taken off him straight away.

A champion should be more like Cena. Okay, he hasn't got the best in ring ability in the world but he defends that championship like it's his life.

And, granted the title wasn't on the line but Swagger almost seemed like he wanted to lose, like he wanted to get out of the ring as soon as possible.

The champion should carry challengers through matches not the other way around.

Morrison completely, one hundred percent, unquestionably out shone Swagger, proved he is champion standard, which is extremely low standards as Swagger is a joke, and he carried the champ the whole way through their match.

I think the WWE is starting to realise they were drunk when they arranged for Swagger to win the MITB and that they have made a huge mistake, that's why he's been destroyed twice.

Yes, he beat Morrison undeservedly but he was completely lackluster and Morrison was definitely the better man.

I like Swagger but in his current state, he deserves to be low-mid card, he shouldn't be allowed with in 50 feet of that championship.